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Fluctuating size/Maintenance

Fluctuating size/Maintenance

I’ve always had problems with gains being lost and re-gained, then lost and re-gained over and over (if you have read my posts you’ll probably be used to it by now), but I think this can give an extra reason to always be PEing in some form forever. My EL is 8”, but my usual measurement is 7.75”, unless the blood is really flowing if you know what I mean. If I’m doing regular PE, I get the 8” measurements a lot more frequently. I think that doing regular PE even if not intensly keep the tissues in the more pliable state that anyone who has done PE on and of will be familiar with. Things hang better and there’s a different feel, it feels less ‘tight’.

When you get an erection the size is determined by the size of the tunica; the vessels on the outside are the ones taking blood out of the penis, when the spongy tissues fill up to the edge of the tunica’s flexibility the pressure of the inflow pushes the vessels against the tunica, compressing them which cuts the outflow and lets you stay hard. It’s an ingenious system, and if the tunica is in it’s most flexible and pliable state it should allow full expansion more easily that if it was tighter.

After PE a maintenance routine should be used to keep your unit in that flexible condition, an additional benefit is that you will have a better flaccid. If you have had trouble cementing gains, or if you experience your max size infequently when you do little or no PE, a maintenance routine could be the answer to getting your large size that you worked so hard for more often. Of course there is no way to guarantee 100% rock solid erections everytime (because of something called life), but it should give you an improved consistency and keep your significant other smiling.


Nice post, SS4. :up: Good tip.


Interesting post SS4.

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