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Originally Posted by Merlin

I have a question that I would particularly like to pose to you. You mentioned the importance of blood flow and metabolic dimensions being a key for tissue growth and increasing size. Using a stream of consciousness thinking, what are all the parameters or inputs, (in addition to,for example, jelqing, L-ARG, Eroset Oil, etc, ) that come to mind/recall per blood flow /metabolic enhancement. I would like to compare notes on this one, so to speak. May be material for a thread for review of current ideas on this subject.

While I know there has already been discussion on this,(I remember reading a recent thread on chemical dimensions of induction of enlargement-one dimension of many). however each increment of time yealds a learning curve, review of old ideas, birth of fresh ideas, and new hypothesis. If you think it is time to review this I look forward to your input.

Hey, Merlin. I really din’t have anything specific in mind. The information on the correlation between blood flow and organ size was received second hand from a physician friend.

But I have looked around a bit, and have found numerous PubMed articles dealing with angiogenesis. In one article, a process was described whereby blood vessels and associated smooth muscle enlarge in response to the rate of blood flow through the vessels. It’s as if the body recognizes that bigger pipes are needed and proceeds to build them.…stract/95/5/449

In a very general sense, the penis can be regarded as one big collection of blood vessels. Jelqing and other exercises that promote blood flow (increase its rate?) in the penis may build not only the arteries and veins leading to and fro, but also the sinusoids that make up the three erectile chambers. The sinusoids appear to be made of the same stuff as blood vessels—collagen, elastin, and smooth muscle.

So, what I’m thinking is that increasing blood pressure and flow rate through the penis may help to increase penis size.

I don’t know much about the effectiveness of supplements or topical agents, so I really can’t comment.

It would be interesting to know whether naturally hung guys tend to have high blood pressure. Maybe I’m just confused. Perhaps one our MD members can help rescue me from my ignorance about all this.

Some other things:

This article says that stretching increases output of collagen, among other things:…ct/191/4226/475

Hold on. This article suggests something different—that blockage of circulation to an organ increases its size. Hmmm. Maybe this is the megalophallus condition:…8&dopt=Abstract

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As always, I greatly appreciate your extracting insightful peer review information, as knowledge is a source of strength and it can benefit PE.

I have some ideas for now, to some degree they are stream of consciousness from my experience, and various sources, including but not limited to the ones mentioned below.

One can do a Google search on each parameter to explore more fully and satisfy you interest. In addition I have provided references from Life Extension Foundation ( containing interesting and informative articles with copious peer review reference listings. Also provided is a product from Dr. (Dr. Whitaker is an M.D. and is “big” in the “wellness medicine” field).

(I am not affiliated with either group though they have, in my view, great world class products, and cutting edge ideas on health promotion, wellness, and integrative medicine. )

Parameters and supplements that may benefit male sexuality.


Daily exercise regime (aerobics and weight training most days of the week for 30-60 minutes each time)

Well-balanced diet


Zinc–essential for sexual health

Indole-3-carbinol maintains hormonal balance


Supplemental testosterone (for those with deficiency as determined by your physician)

Soy and fish oil keep estrogen and SHBG in check

Muira puama…er_test_01.html

• Zea mays
• Avena sativa (“wild oats”)
• Epimedium (horny goat weed)
• Cordyceps sinensis…cookie%5Ftest=1

Eroset Oil and heat lamp (positioned at a safe and effective distance) at least for me appears to reduce recovery time and increase circulation.


The Alchemy of PE.

I am a newbie but cannot get enough of this website. Good stuff. Thanx Thunders and all contributors.


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