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flap of skin between balls and penis

flap of skin between balls and penis

what is it called and how do i get rid of it…when i get a full hard on theres this flap of skin that is at the top of my balls and goes to the bottom of my cock…it looks like the webbing in my fingers…is it normal?

Sound like the “turkey neck” or “sail” effect. I think its because the shaft skin didn’t grow as fast as the shaft. I’m trying to stretch my shaft skin by gripping just skin behind the head and with the other hand doing the same about 3/4 way toward the base and stretch my hands ( and of course skin) - the jury’s out on wether this is working or a wast of time.

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I have this too

I have this too and it is a real pain for me as i hang and i have to position the hanger closer to my head than i would like to because overwise it gets caught up and pinches. I wish there was something i cud do to get rid of it, if i pull it out it goes up very high on my shaft. If anyone has success removing this then please keep me posted, cheers,



You guys need to stretch your sacks!!

Go get the nut-sack stretching thread!!

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So this is common the.....

Know what you mean man. Have it ocassionally, but it was more frequent prior to PE. The balls are supposed to tighten up when you have a hardon so I guess it is also a temporary thing. I think that this will gradually go away when your doing PE, it has for me.

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Well, I got the same effect/problem. Somewhat annoying, especially for hanging, jackthelad, you’re right in that.

I also wonder if stretching the shaft skin won’t create any more of the sail effect? It could be that more skin in a smaller place tend to wrinkle and finally bunch up. Though I can be very wrong.

Please if anybody has found stretching the shaft skin to work, post it in the thread.



Here are some of luvdadus’ comments on this clumped together.

Clearly stretching the skin is possible or foreskin regeneration would not work.

I’m fairly early on in a skin stretching routine but its working for me. I now have a little excess skin to grow into and hopefully can reduce the base skin stretch (from jelqing).

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