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Flaccid stretched length

Information for all Newbies- May help, may not.

Here is my PE history: (I actually have all this logged in a book- so it is accurate)

Started 6.00nbpX4.75 girth

May 2004-september 2004
Newbie routine
Gained: .25 length .15 girth
End- 6.25 npb X 4.90 girth

October 2004-may 2005
All hanging and jelqing
Hung for 3 hours daily, did 1500 jelqs daily
Mostly ligs-hanging
Gained: .25 length, .15 girth
End: 6.50nbp X 5.00+ girth

Aug 2005- November 2005
Stretch/jelq routine only
Routine usually lasted 2 hours long
Gained: .25 length, .1 girth
End: 6.75+nbp X 5.15 girth

August 2006- November 2006
Jelq only
30 minutes daily
Gained: 0 length, .10 girth
End: 6.75+npb X 5.25girth

April 2009- October 2009 ( 6 months)
Everyday jelqed 30 mintues

October 2009- Jaunary 2009
Extender and Jelqing
Extender 4 hours EVERYDAY minimum- jelq 10 minutes daily- 100 kegels daily
(I did actually get gains, but I feel small gains-for the amount of stretch flaccid length increase—and small gains considering the time I’ve put in with this routine- and the claims from extender sites)
Extender usage was done exactly as directed- actually was able to increase length of the extender, faster than claimed.

Gained: .25 length, .025 girth
Now: 7.00 nbp X 5.275 girth

Note***flaccid stretch length has increased by 1 inch, but erect length only by .25 inches.

I really have read alot, on this site and sites all over the internet about what “small” is, and isn’t. But for being 6’2.5 I feel like I’m somewhat small at 7.00 nbp X 5.275 girth. Maybe not. I don’t know. And PE has been very frustrating for me, because I TRULY have been in some many hours, that it has consumed alot of my life at times, but don’t feel like I’ve gotten the return I was hoping for. For now I’ll keep wearing my extender for 4+ hours daily and jelqing and kegeling. Can’t gain sh*t if I don’t try at all.


**** When I wrote ” I was actually able to increase faster than claimed- with the extender.”

I meant the length of the extender, not the erect length of my penis.

Brother, you have made some very good gains. 7nbp is a pornworthy cock brother. Remember that not everybody does make gains. And to by honest, you have a penis that many consider large, myself included. To me it sounds like you may suffer from body dysmorphia although I am not a doctor. Try taking pictures of your wang at “flattering” angles and than look at them, your dick will look bigger in the picture than it would look if you were to look straight down at it. Hold your head high man, you have a package to be proud of. I’m jealous! I want 7nbp! lol. I bet there are more than a few members that would be willing to help you break through your plateau. Good luck.

IMO you’ve achieved a great size already, seeing this is through hard effort I congratulate you, this is your victory.
7.00 nbp X 5.275 girth is well above average and something I hope to achieve someday.

Thanks for sharing.

This is a marathon worth running!!

Dec 09: BPEL 5.3" x MSEG 4.2"

Goal: BPEL 7.5" x MSEG 5"

I did notice in your routine that when you went to jelqing only, your gains were minimum to zero. Just a thought, incorporate some other exercises along with the jelqing to help you reach your goals. I have a strong feeling that if you went to hanging and jelqing and added some other exercises you will start making impressive gains.You can get through this man! And as for the BDD (body dysmorphia disorder) gos, if you have medical insurance it would be wise to seek help, that is something that can progressively get worse and you don’t want that. Good luck bro and keep all of us updated on how you are feeling and any changes to your routine and how it’s working for you.

Well that looks pretty good to me! You’re already big but of course a 7 x 5.275 would look bigger on a guy that’s 5’6” compared to a guy that’s 6’2.5”. In anyhow, you should be happy.

Appreciate all your insight and support. If you have any questions about my routines, let me know, I’ll try to answer them for you.


What about rest days?

Never did rest days. Everyday for me. I’m sure others had gains with rest days though.

You have about the ideal size in my opinion. Maybe a bit less length and a bit more girth.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

Tiger, maybe it took you more time than you would have liked, but those are very descent gains. Good work. Did you just start using the extender in Oct., and do you attribute the last 0.25” length gain to it? Not bad.Just added an extender to my manual routine a few weeks ago. The most I’ll be able to wear it is between 4-6 hours/day.

Originally Posted by the tiger

Never did rest days. Everyday for me. I’m sure others had gains with rest days though.

Maybe, IMHO, you would’ve gained more with adding rest days? It’s worth a try now considering it seems as though you have hit a plateau. Granted the penis itself is not a muscle but pretty much the same principle pertains to PE as it does in bodybuilding, which is you grow on rest days.

In opinion your size is almost perfect too. I wouldn like to have anything more than 7,5 inches in length and 5,5 inches in girth and you’ve very very close the my ideal.

Keep up the good work and many thanks for your great input.

Originally Posted by the tiger
Never did rest days. Everyday for me. I’m sure others had gains with rest days though.

Several of us on the board believe that the rest days are possibly the most important key to gaining consistently. PE is about stimuli (jelqing, hanging, etc.), fatigue, and recovery. Being strategic about your use of the stimuli, without planning out fatigue and recovery, is like going to the gym everyday and forgetting to eat, in my opinion.

About your disappointment with your gains, you started out with a mediocre penis and now are on the low side of large. That is a major change - nothing to be disappointed about.

Good post :D .

Thank you again, for all of your input.

And I may look into, now, adding rest days to see if it stimulates growth.

I’ve read here and there that there are supplements and what not that help growth. Is this true? Or just bogus stuff to make money?



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