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Flaccid stretched and erect length.


I think my FSL has just caught up with EL but like some of the others, FSL was shorter since starting PE 3 months ago. I also wonder what this means and if BIB or any of the other vets could comment.

For example are there any stretch exercises or hang angles to optimize results for those with shorter FSLs? Does this have any indication for gain potentials? Is further skin stretching required for gaining? etc.

There is something wrong with how you are stretching if it is not as long as your erect length. You probably need to warm up better to relax the skin and inner structures, so it can be fully extended. If you think about it, there is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t be able to stretch your penis at least as long as it is when erect. Grab the head when you stretch for a flacid measure…don’t measure while stretching as you do for manuals, around the “neck.”

One foot to go

There is absolutely no way I can stretch my flaccid length to anywhere near my erect length.When ever I try, my ligs contract, So I AM stretching as far as I can!

Does this mean that I lots of potential growth in the ligs (my lot is now 9), or is there some other limiting factor?


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