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Flaccid size to go for!

Flaccid size to go for!

Another question…

Hmm, you all seem to look for gains on your erect penis length/girth, right? I mainly want to achieve gains on my flaccid penis length/girth. Sure, the flaccid results will even come quicker than the erect ones, but how long do I have to workout to get permanent results? I know there is often talked about the differences of a blood and a flesh penis. I have definitely got a blood penis. Will training turn it into a flesh penis? What is going to happen? Can a blood penis be turned into a flesh penis? Does it just get bigger in general without a changing from “blood” to “flesh” penis? Is the main result in getting bigger flaccid that my penis will be half swollen from workout all the time? Those who are blessed witha flesh penis will see quicker results, right? It would be great, if I felt my penis dangling in my pants… Right now I feel !nothing! in the flaccid state… It would be the same if there was nothing, I guess. I would love to take a shower at a bath and take off my pants as many others… but I feel ashamed with what I’ve got. I would love to get admiring glances from my friends in the rest room. I would not complain if I had such a huge member that I could hardly hide. I would not even complain about difficulties having sex… (btw: I think stillwantmore22 always had a huge penis; I doubt it changed alot with his workouts, but lil12big1 put up great pictures with the ruler…). Well, if anybody would have told me earlier… I guess if we all started still as teens we would have got great fleshy big penises by now and nothing to complain about. Yep, I am a dreamer… Well, we’ll see how long I will make it this time.

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Welcome aboard !!

Hey mhg,

Do your exercises including PC’s. Work on the things that will help you maintain a larger flaccid. Like circulation, perhaps a supplement like niacin. Stress, the more you worry about a small flaccid in a public situation the more likely you are to have one. Confinement, wear boxers or nothing at all, let your dick get used to the freedom. Temperature, if it’s cold it will naturally shrink. Work on keeping him slightly engorged all during the day, whenever you have the chance.

There are probably a lot of other suggestions here that you could try also. If you check the poll, most guys are concerned about appearance, so you are not alone. Perhaps some of the guys here who have worked on improving their flaccid length/girth will chime in.

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Diet and supps

I think keeping a good blood flow might be the key for both flacid and erect size improvement. Along with my regular routine I give my member a little stretch when urinating and di some accessory jelqing in the shower just to put fresh blood in from time to time. I also think the fact that I have cleaned up my diet and am drinking more water plays a role. I also am using arginmax. Three in the A.M. and three before bed.


Like you, I’m more interested in flaccid gain than erect gain. But there are those of us who are growers and others who are showers, or blood/flesh as you call it.

The exercises, done regularly and sensibly, will help over time and if you’re lucky you’ll get early flaccid results in some proportion to your erect gains. But don’t count on it; I didn’t see any really major change for almost a year - in spite of good erect gains - then started seeing significant flaccid enlargement and kind of quickly. Just be patient.

There are some things that help, I think. Thunder’s suggestions are all good but don’t go overboard on the niacin. Do it moderately, as he does. Niacin is very easy to over-dose on. Back in Nov. when I began to see real flaccid gain, I had begun to free-ball it as often as I felt comfortable with that (no underwear). I suspect that it’s the stimulation of fabric moving against your cock more than anything that adds some flaccid size, but who knows?

At about the same time, I did two other things: I began to take L-arginine in relatively small amounts (compared with some who use it). I take three 500 mg doses spread out over waking hours. L-argine is a precursor to nitric oxide which is one of the primary building blocks to an erection. I have found that it does tend to fluff me up, and more often than not, but others say they don’t get this effect. I also began to wear one of those standard 1/2 inch, 3 snap, leather cock and ball rings for several hours after PE workouts. The ring holds a good deal of the pumped-up look and for quite awhile.

Vacuum pumping has also been an influence in my flaccid gains and it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to me whether it’s lymphatic fluid or more blood retention that has caused this increase. I did see some of what seemed to be “permanent” flaccid improvement after pumping for about 4 months - when you want a bigger flaccid cock, 24 hrs sounds “permanent,” although with pumping, you have to keep up a regular routine to keep that happening.

Hope some of this helps. Keep us posted and if anybody reading this has any other ideas, I know a lot of us would like to hear them.




Flaccid flaccid flaccid, getting ready to go out it’s 10:20pm and meeting some friends at a bar and I’m having a bad flaccid day
it’s sucks, why should I even care by caring it’s making me annoyed which is making it smaller. But I love when I have my tight levis on and a killer flaccid and I catch the babes eye balling my mule.


"Bad Flaccid Day"

That says it, Dino. Thanks for the laugh. Sometimes it just doesn’t want to fluff.



Growth rings

In a flaccid state under certain lighting conditions I seem to have a growth ring that kind of like measures a before and after. This is only visable when I am flaccid, but the measurement equals my erect length gain not my flacid gain since beginning PE exercises (+13/16” BPEL opposed to +9/16” BPFL). My growth ring measures about 3/4 of an inch from the base. anyone else notice this phenomena?

i found that just doing my regular pe routine caused my penis to hang better, as if always at a 25% erection or something like that, it’s like your muscles feeling tighter the next day following a workout… do regular pe workouts and it should feel different when flaccid as well as erect



Thanks for the thread link. Some interesting stuff. I am glad I am not alone in that I have this “growth ring.” Now I think it can be used as a motivating factor or an indication my gains seem to be permanent.

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