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flaccid problem

flaccid problem

hey everybody i am new to the boards and it looks pretty damn informative here. im impressed! so i figured i would ask this here and get some help. ive been pe since the summer mainly for girth and started with wet jelqs and moved into dry jelqs and holds. recently i have ran into a problem where my flaccid penis feels hard and small. it is really weird. so i cut back and took a break and started back up with some wet jelqs but i am still having the problem. maybe this will make sense to someone haha.

Welcome aboard Rufus! What Melvin said. Water, drink water. I also think you might have over-trained. You did the right thing, taking a break and starting back easy. Whenever something strange or unnerving happens, that is exactly the right thing to do. In the early stages especially, it is really easy to want to do more than the penis is conditioned for. Are your erections OK? Is this something just effecting your flaccid hang? When you say hard and small, do you mean smaller hang than usual? Is there any swelling? What exactly is your routine now? And before? How long a break did you take? I am not the best guy on injuries, but I have a few friends…

And Melvin, thanks buddy - those swinging nuts just keep cracking me up :)

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Are you taking caffeine, guarana or some other stimulant?

These may cause, as a friend of mine put it; a “dope dick”, which would be quite similar of the effect after taking a really cold shower..

I take an effedra product to give me energy because I work out twice a day and I have real shitty sleep habits. And that in combination with caffience (i.e. Diet Mountain Dew Code Red) will shrink up my dick even though I drink between 200 and 300 ounces of water a day.

Just my two cents


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I would cut out caffine, drinking, and sodas and such. How much water are you drinking?

Life is a game! You win some you lose some! The only easy day was yesterday Just be happy :)

Rufus, please read this.

Thanks for the replies everybody. Sorry about not using proper grammar, but I am way to used to the computer slang. Am I doing better now :-P ?

About my problem, I thought about the water thing and it may be true. I work out quite a bit and drink caffeine and alcohol at times which would leave me more dehydrated. I can still get erections and orgasm as normal but flaccid it seems skinnier then ever and it is hard. It just feels like the chambers are gone and there is a hard tube in there. I wish I could describe it better. There is also some mild discomfort in my penis too.

As for routine, before I noticed the problem I was doing around 100 very slow dry jelqs with holds thrown in between sets. I also would try and do a good warm up and warm down and I would use heli shakes to improve circulation. After everything I would do a kegel routine in the shower.

I noticed the flaccid problem recently and took a break at the advice of another forum. Since my break of a couple weeks I have started slow like you guys said and have just been doing 10-15 mins of slow wet jelqing with a good warm up and warm down thrown in.

Maybe it’ll go away but I am a little concerned. It looks like I came to the right place for help though. Thank you!

Yes caffine and drinking really kills my flaccid size. You need to stay hydrated.

Life is a game! You win some you lose some! The only easy day was yesterday Just be happy :)

I wonder if it being winter and you living in NY might have anything to do with it.

Thanks for reading the guidelines. Yes, you’re doing better. :)

I never thought about the whole winter in NY thing! Maybe its a circulation problem. My dad’s side of the family has all sorts of problems with it and i think everyone of them has had blood clots and is on blood thinning medication. I think my Great Grandfather had to have both his legs removed. Ouch!

I will try and stay away from the caffeine and booze, but it’ll be easier said then done. The combo of the winter and booze isn’t just bad for my dick, but its doing a nice job of covering up my ripped abs that I worked to get for the summer. I should start doing more cardio as it may help with circulation also.

This still all seems weird to me, but hopefully that is all it is. I will post back about it after making a few lifestyle changes and seeing what happens. Unless you guys have any other suggestions or ideas on what might be going on, I am going to go forth and conquer and start back up with my routines. Anybody have a good girth routine they would like to share? Ha ha I will try my luck with the search function. Thanks everybody.

I just put my measurements in my signature. I have decided to start my next go around at PE with a new passion!

I can only parrot what the others have told you about water. One thing about myself — I’m always smaller flaccid on workout days than non-workout days…

You could maybe try a wrap during the day or snap a padlock around your pecker and wear loose pants to improve your flaccid hang passively.

Yeah I need to improve flaccid size, but I dont think its the size thats worrying me but since I started pe it feels hard when its flaccid.

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