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Flaccid hang

Sometimes I get a fullblown erection after pooping.

Liquid c :gulp:

I starting taking low dose paxil @10 mg/day and this problem went away somewhat. It could b that I have Irritable bowel syndrome. I take 3+ a day and get diarrhea sometimes. Caffeine makes me dump alot also.

Any comments?

Careful, or we’ll have a bunch of PEers afraid to poop because their flaccid might decrease…

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Originally Posted by kauaiian
I’m wondering what people with big dicks do with it when they’re taking a crap. Can you still piss and shit at the same time? I am 100% sure there is at least one guy out there with a big one who forgot to hold it up and it fell in. Disgusting. Haha

When your dick hangs in the water, it’s called trolling. One reason not to PE !

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Mine definitely gets bigger. It is just like a reverse kegel. Alot more powerful tho. Cause obviously if you did it that hard every time you would shit your pants. =] Maybe we should just reverse kegel on the toilet just in case.

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Originally Posted by ManhattanXL
Sometimes I get a fullblown erection after pooping.

That’s a hell of a motivator for toilet training. Who blows you? Don’t tell me it’s your mom.

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Originally Posted by joe_smith

I notice the opposite as well. My dick and balls hang a lot lower during and after a dump. Maybe you have some fear of poop, toilets, or bathrooms in general. I could be some deep rooted psychological trauma that is causing your unit to turtle.

Like sharks lurking in the loo?

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Originally Posted by big Bori333
Any comments?

Well to be serious for a moment.

That link doesn’t speak of any allergy you might have. As a kid I got horrendous stomach pains and diarrhea and it was put down to ‘growing pains’.

What it was in fact; was that I had an allergy to milk. and this was causing the problem . But in those days allergies apart from hay fever were virtually unkown then,

Are you a normal weight for your age?

It might be worth checking , if you can, for food allergies,

And it is always worth checking your drinking water or where foods are kept.

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This flaccid hang decrease is still happening along with a sore pc/bc muscle.

What the hell should I do?

Seek a GI doc, a uro doc?

My dick shrinks while taking a shit too. I am an athlete and I work out 3 days a week. I am young, so don’t worry it happens to a lot of us.

In contradiction to my prevbious post, I can say now that when I take a dump, my dick gets 0.5-0.75” longer but stays the same girth. When taking a piss, it stays the same.

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Originally Posted by big Bori333

This flaccid hang decrease is still happening along with a sore pc/bc muscle.

What the hell should I do?

Seek a GI doc, a uro doc?

As you can see from replies, it is not all that unusual for your penis to decrease or increase in flaccid size when defecating. So don’t worry about it. The sore PC/BC will be from excess kegels most likely, so reduce the quantity or intensity. You certainly don’t need to see a doctor, unless you are getting pain, erectile dysfunction etc., and if you were getting those symptoms, taking a couple of weeks off PE would be sensible before seeing a doctor. Just try to relax about it.

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Big Bori, I go to yoga, and there is a posture we do which includes pulling in the navel and the anus. Everyone turtles after this one. Several of us have remarked. By the end of the class we are all tiny. I think it is normal, and the only guys who avoid it might be those who have stretched their ligs.

About your bowel, I agree with the suggestion that it could be a food intolerance. It could be lactose as petitfaun mentioned, or it could be gluten, or something else. Low level gluten intolerance is very common and often causes irritable bowel symptoms. You could try avoiding bread, pastries and cereals for a few weeks and see how it goes. Make sure you get enough veges and fruit.


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