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Flaccid girth exercise

I’m going to tag this for myself and see how you guys are progressing. I’m 1/4” away from my goal in length…when I hit that, I’ll try these.

Originally Posted by Lil J76
If I missed it sorry, but what is the average hold time or squeeze time?

I hold mine for maybe about 20 seconds. There is no real set time though, and you should probably just experiment to see what works best.

I think lymph builds up when you do long PE sets, so I try not to hold these for too long. I don’t know if this is the case for flacid exercises though so experimenting with really longs hold could be a good idea.

I’m glad it’s working for some people… glad I could help :) .

My expansion really hasn’t been as good recently as it was the first few days I did this. IT’s really frustrating since this always happens… I think something is really working and then it ends up not working that well. Anyway, I am still above normal after some rest days so I’m definitely going to keep doing these. Later tonight maybe I’ll try some really long holds.

Fascinating thread. I am entering the second month of a light newbie routine, and have been researching different girth programs on Thunder’s for when I am ready to step up to the next level of PE.

So far a less aggressive approach to PE has worked well for me, so I am thinking that a combination of your exercises combined with some light pumping could be a heck of a girth gaining program.

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Originally Posted by Lil J76
If I missed it sorry, but what is the average hold time or squeeze time?

I compress until the erection is about gone, or when the two grips have about come together. (I start at about 50% erection.)

Sometimes this only lasts for 20 seconds, if it gets to 40 seconds I stop. I do 5-10 of these either after jelqing or on days off.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

I’m in my 2ND month of PE now, and tried this out. It seems it should work, I have to agree with most of you saying that it seems to be more effective for Girth than jelqing alone, similar to the horse440/Uli from what it seems. However, doing it by hand, my hand gets tired after 20-25 seconds, which is about the right time to take a break, refresh the blood, and repeat. Not sure if it mentioned it in the first post, but after gripping the head, I kegel once to fill it up with more blood, then grip the base.

I have a HELL of a time getting a girth measurement, but I am convinced more than ever that I have gained girth since starting these.

Not only does it feel like it, it looks like it.

Mick mentioned that it seems to stop working as well after a time. Seems to be the same here. I am going to reduce how often I do them, but do more each time. I think once per week will do for a while.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

I did this three days last week separated by a day long gap. Seems to works in keeping my flaccid long and fat. Works similar to fowfers in this regard. But I think I actually exceeded 6” the last few days. It is a exercises of short duration which can be done in the shower. I resume my regular PE routine this week I’m going to incorporate this in to my continuous log.

This is also similar to what Vincent Van Cock has been doing the same thing I bet.

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Is this like a modified version of the O-bend?

I don’t know if it does me any good for erect girth, but I do them during the day a few times, not much, but they keep my flaccid the way I like it.

Know whats crazy, at first I thought they were helping but damn now after the last few days my flacid seems thinner since I’ve been doing them.

Not sure why , it could be that I’m over doing it now , these incorporated with the normal routine

Have the gains held up?

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Originally Posted by djam07
Is this like a modified version of the O-bend?

They do seem very similar.

Mick: What’s the difference between the two exercises?

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Um… orange bends involve bending and these don’t, lol.

Orange bends are bends done while flacid. This is just compressing the penis in a straight line while flacid.

I have however started doing a combination of both. You start doing an orange bend, then while bent you squueze your two hands together. For me it helps to put your hand between your legs while doing this. Once your hands are between your legs you can squeeze your legs together against the ends of your fists and get much better pressure than with your hands alone.

What really sucks is that I was measuring 0.125” of girth above normal after two rest days. Now I’m barely getting less than that right after the exercise. I don’t know what the hell happened but it’s frustrating. I think what MIGHT be the problem is that I’m not jelqing enough between sets of the exercise.

I’m about to do some now with lots of interspersed jelqing and I’ll report back with what happens.

Ok, well some good news so far.

I did a couple sets of this as well as a couple sets of orange bend squeezes. In between each set I did a bit of jelqing and a few horses too. I got 0.25” of expansion in girth which is really good for me. It’s way too early to tell anything though, so we’ll see what happens.

These exercises are looking really promising to me; what I’m doing now is a combination of Mick’s, VVC’s, and O-Bend exercises, and the results so far are pretty promising.

One thing I notice is something I’ve observed before when I did intense clamping - I’m getting good girth expansion when I’m hard, but I can’t get a real complete hard-on… it’s like when it’s expanded one way, it takes away from the other direction. I expect with a day of rest I will see normal hard-ons again, but I’m kinda loving the girthier feel, so I may just keep plugging away with these :)

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.


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