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Flaccid gains translating into erect gains


Ha d_dsut, you never know. Vegemite may have some amazing PE qualities. Shit if it did Kraft’s profits would skyrocket!

attyatlong that’s interesting. Increase in flaccid but not erect length. I wonder if others have found that?

Beasty1; The norm during the day. Whilst the flaccid does depend on the outside factors: Climate, stimulation, water intake, general health, I am talking about the norm point if you will- The size it usually “hovers” around.

I don’t bother measuring flaccid, as I don’t really care how big it is in actual inches or centimetres. I just like judging it by the hang, and the appearance of fullness. Of course I do measure it though, but because of these variables I don’t much care if it says, lets say, 3.5 inches in the morning, and 4.1 in the afternoon.

If your “max” flaccid is right after stretching, and that measurement is related to erect length, how is your “normal” flaccid not related to erect lengths? After all, the “max” flaccid in this example, is your normal, everyday flaccid, just not bearing the temporary effects of just being stretched.

I hope that made sense..


Originally Posted by Slack
In my opinion, flaccid gains and erect gains are unrelated.

I agree. I don’t see how flaccid gains could “translate” into erect gains. I think it’s just a good indication that you’ve been expanding the capacity of your penis, and to keep at it, but not an indication that a proportionate erect gain will occur.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

Yes and would you not think that by expanding the capacity of your penis, you are expanding the amount of blood it can retain, hence in due time translating into erect gains?


Thats what I kinda always thought.. That if you were expanding your flacid , then why would it not help expand your erect state. Because if your flacid is bigger, would it not in fact hold more blood to improve your erection?It’s like one goes with the other. IMO

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Well, the idea for enlargement is expanding your penis cells beyond their capacity when you are fully erect. Therefore if your flaccid cock looks bigger, it could mean you’ve expanded your cock’s capacity to an extent, but perhaps you haven’t been expanded the cells beyond their erect capacity, meaning erect gains aren’t guaranteed.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.


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