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Fishing Scale Hang

Fishing Scale Hang

I recently used a fish weighing scale attached to my computer desk via an eye-bolt. I attached the scale to my Captn’s Wench, attached to my penis. This way you can gauge how much pull there is. I use it while studying and “online”. Very simple yet satisfying. Warning: Do not lean back in chair, seperation of penis could occur in the event of a fall back. Also, do not forget to unattach hanging device from penis and attempt to get a glass of water.

Guys, he’s all yours on this one.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


Whatever you do, don’t “dose off” with this contraption attached to your one and only weenie!!


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I read a post from a body builder who said he was manually stretching with 50 lbs of force. So I bought an in line scale to check my stretching pull using my BIB. Most of my stretching is in the 13-17 lb range and up to the low 20’s, depending on the angle. And that’s without any discomfort. Naturally, I had to max it out. I was able to reach 40 lbs for a few seconds before my dick had a suggestion. STOP. I could maintain close to 30 lbs for a minute or so at a time. A stretching session at 50 lbs would seem possible to work up to for some. Definite injury potential at that weight.

I would forget this shit immediately. There is nothing wrong with the fish scale to see how much force you can apply with your hand as Larry said. The problem is this, if you ever fall back in your chair or something else happens your ass is grass. No offense but there are smarter ways to lengthen your penis.


You could attach something such as a bungee cord to the scale and then to a fixed object. I did that for a while with some results. The only problem I found is that you have to constantly watch the scale to make sure you are staying in the right range of force, and my scale was shitty and not consistently accurate.

I would scale down the weight, but keep the line taut, so you dont flounder around, be careful when you set up the stretching perch, but it does sound like a reel good idea, I accept it, hook, line and sinker.

cead mile failte :lep:

I think I’d rather attach a pulley to the desk, tie a short piece of rope to the wench, thread it to the pulley, tie the weight to the other end, and hope the doorbell doesn’t ring. :)

Seriously, I think the problem would be that any movement would change the amount of pull. Using a rope & pulley would let you move around without changing the tug.

Keep the ideas coming, though!


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