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I’ve tried not to measure often, but it never works. Once I went so far as to lock my ruler in my safe, figuring the hassle of retrieving it would help. Nope. I have a callus above my pubic bone where the edge of the ruler presses.

By frequently measuring you get good feedback whether a particular routine is working. Reaching a new measurement for the first time is extremely rewarding and motivating. It fades the memory of the drudgery endured on those days that you didn’t really feel like PEing but did it anyway. It renews the spirit and re-ignites some of the enthusiasm and gusto we had as newbies.

At the beginning of January I was 7.0” BPEL. I gained 3/16” in 4 weeks, and eeked out a solid 7.25” while wearing a cock ring. Yeah, another first. Today immediately after hanging I was 7 3/8” wearing a cock ring. Another first. I’m now hitting 8” FSL right after my workouts. Yet another first. These are the things that keep me going. Some may laugh at getting excited over a little fraction here or there, but they all add up. Many little steps and small goals achieved make the path toward the final goal enjoyable.

I gain too slow to measure all the time, I’m down to measuring once every two to three months. The last time I measured I did have an increase to 9 fsl and that was the first time that my flaccid stretch was bigger than my erect length so I’m hoping that my erect gains are coming soon.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Congratulations Hobby! I know the deep sense of accomplishment that comes with any gain. You deserve it.


Thanks, Cap. My original goal was to add 1/2” in 2004. I’m thrilled to be halfway there this early.

Congratulations! All your patience and work is paying off. Like you I’m slowly working toward the next 1/2 inch in erect length as my main goal. When I reach that landmark 8” EBP, I’ll be a happy man posting about the payoff. Here’s to more.


Congrats Hobby - at this rate you’ll be 1 1/2 inches longer by the end of the year. That would be awesome. What would you do with your new found wealth?

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

I know exactly what you mean Hobby. After living with the same size all my life, even the slightest gain excites me to no end. Great job and congratulations on your gains, you deserve them.

Is that FSL measurement BP? If so, that’s a good gap between it and your EL number. Hopefully that will translate into even more gains for you during the rest of 2004!

We’ll get there. Reaching the 8” mark will indeed be cause for great celebration.

Thanks for the good wishes guys.

Bigknob, I wish that gain rate would continue, but I know it won’t. I got overly optimistic when I began PE, realizing that at that rate I’d be done in 6-8 months. I really knew better, but that doesn’t stop you from figuring what if.

>Is that FSL measurement BP?

Yep. My FSL and BPEL difference used to be exactly 1/2”, but now it has increased a bit.


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