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First post

First post

Hi guys and girls, my hubby is a “lurker” or whatever it is and he has gone away, he asked me to keep an eye on the site for any new discoveries or something.

He is 6 inches length and 4.5 girth and he HATES his penis, I don’t mind it cos it feels fine, but enough about that. He just goes on about it, so I thought I would actually become a member to try to help him out.

Well, all he does is “jelq’s” and I have no idea how many, but he doesn’t keep at one erection state, from what I have read on the site, I got the idea it matters and effects either length or girth.

Does it matter what angle he jelqs at? what do the different things do?

Thank you guys for your comments, I don’t know too much about it, so try to keep it simple for me :)

Hope he don’t mind that I became a member, haha.

Hi mfw,
That’s cool that you support your husband like that, and don’t judge him. My wife would think I’m demented if she knew what I’m trying to do. As far as technical advice, there are plenty of veterans online here that’ll tell you everything you want to know, and some things you didn’t want to know.

Have fun,


Start here:
A Newbie Primer

You will find information on jelquing under the quickstart link, but there is a ton of other good information there. If you really want to research this for your hubby, it will require a fair investment of time. But kudos to you for visiting. You should have your hubby sign up too.

Welcome to the forum mary.
I do mainly jelqs and not in the same erection level. I don’t think it matters what angle he jelqs at, either. Many guys don’t think that jelqing at 100% erection is a good idea, but I do it sometimes anyway.
What is more important is gripping from as far back at the base as possible and doing it slowly outwards, putting the most pressure on the sides.
Some push their penis to the sides while they jelq or ‘curve’ with their hand to aid in pushing back a curvature of their penis.

Do you ever ‘help’ him along with his excercises? Maybe giving him subtle reinforcement of his tool getting bigger and feeling better to you can really motivate him to gain an inch or two that you both can really enjoy!

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Its normal for the erection state to vary. He should try to keep it between 50 and 70 %.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hi Mary-
Just thought I’d say hi and welcome. I couldn’t possibly address your question as I have done very little “jelq’s” (man, that is cute). Your hubby is a lucky guy to have such an open-minded and accepting wife.
I’m fascinated with wives.
I have one.


Thank you capt, you made me blush :”>

Hope he don’t read this, haha, im very loyal to him and I love to help him, im not a so-called “size queen” hehe. But I like him to be happy and I will stop at nothing.

Thanks for the welcome guys, and I will get him to sign up himself, he is away right now, and he was a bit shy to talk about his penis, I don’t know why, he lets me aid him in the jelqing, although, I think I do it wrong, and he don’t like me forcing him to jelq with a rock hard erection, hehehe.

I will keep searching for info, ciao

Hi Mary,

As one of the other women on the board I would like to welcome you. Its always nice having more girls to have chats with and keep these guys in line :) .

I too help my boyfriend with his exercises, and as Luv mentioned he should not be fully erect. There is a ton of information contained in this site, I would suggest that you read the newbie forum from start to finish, and then do a search for anything you aren’t familiar with, or have other questions about.

The guys and gals here are some of the most wonderful people on the planet, and will assist you in any way possible.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Hello mfw,

I’m a fairly new member myself. My boyfriend is a member here and I became very interested in learning what I could. I think it’s wonderful that you support your husband in this. This is a fun place, and a very supportive place from what I have seen. Welcome!!

Thank you sun and flower, great to be welcommed by other women, hopefully see ya around :)

>>>My wife would think I’m demented if she knew what I’m trying to do.

So would mine!

MFW… your hubby is lucky to have you and your support. If he continues to jelq and stretch his penis will get longer and thicker. When you notice any gains, no matter how subtle, let him know (no disrespect intended but during sex tell him it feels better… during a blow job tell him it feels bigger in your mouth). This should encourage him to continue.

I have made it part of my daily morning routine… 10 minutes a day right out of the shower. Stealth tho… wifey doesn’t know.

Lovely to hear from some of the ladies. Hi ladies!

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