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First Post


First Post

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say hi to everyone, as I am new to the community. I have read about PE in the past, but figured it probably didn’t really work, because everything I saw seemed to have a price tag attached to it (ie, pay websites). That was until I came upon this forum in particular, as reading the posts has given me immeasurable knowledge and confidence in the results that doing PE exercises can give.

In any case, wanted to say that I am mostly concerned with PE and Kegels exercises because of a re-occuring prostatitis problem I keep having. I’ve been catheterized 2 times in the past 4 years, due to my prostatitis reaching a point that I was unable to urinate. Fortunately, I haven’t had to get re-catheterized in over 2 years now, so that is nice. I am currently 24 years old, which is kind of young to be afflicted full-blown by prostatitis, but I am doing the best I can.

Basically, I am now supplementing with saw palmetto, etc., and working on doing Kegels and what not, as they seem to promote a healthier prostate.

However, I am doing the newbie PE routine now, because I figure I might as well make the whole penile area healthier as a whole.

My starting stats are as follows:

Erect Length (Bone-pressed): 6.5”
Erect Girth: 5.0” circumference
Flaccid Length (Bone Pressed): 4”
Flaccid Girth: 3.625” circumference

My NBP measurement are about 0.5” smaller.

I plan on shooting for 7” in length and 5.5” in girth, as those seem very realistic and realizable goals.

Anyways, hope it was okay to post here instead of the Newbie posting region. I figured this would give me a greater exposure (no pun intended) to the members (no pun intended again) of the forum.

I hope to post again when I can, and will try to keep everyone updated on my progress.


Hey dyslexic_smile,

welcome to the forum!

Perhaps you can post your rutine as well? Sounds like this is going to belong in the Progress Reports/Personal Routines forum. I´m leaving it here now though, since I´m still developing my cleaning skills ;)

Re: First Post

Originally posted by dyslexic_smile
I plan on shooting for 7” in length and 5.5” in girth, as those seem very realistic and realizable goals.

Indeed they are. But I’m not sure why, I have a feeling you are not going to stop at those! :chuckle:

Good luck!


Yeah, I just wanted to quickly introduce myself (including my history) and go over my starting point and goals, but yes, do plan to post in the Progress Reports / Personal Routines section shortly. I am using the Newbie Routine ( Newbie Routine ) for now (as printed), just to get accustomed to how it feels and so I don’t go hurting myself by attempting to tackle advanced techniques. But yes, I will make sure to post my routine quite soon in the proper section.


I didn’t want to make my goals too ambitious. I realize that half inch gains in both length and girth aren’t too much (considering the gains a lot of members in here have obtained), but I guess I want to see how it goes at first. I particularly just want to reach my first goal as a confidence builder, and then I probably will definitely keep going to upwards of 8” BP erect length and around 6” erect girth, I suppose. But then again, if I reach either of those goals, I may re-evaluate myself again, hehe.

Well, I’m gonna go do some lifting now, but thanks again for the welcome and I look forward to talking to everyone later.



I think that your measurements put your tackle at exactly average, so you are not starting out in a bad place. I think your goals are quite doable. I have always set short term goals in 1/2” increments in the length department, as far as girth goes, I just take what comes along and am fine with it. I do have long term goals as well, but it seems that it is constantly changing. When I started pe I thought to just get to 6.5bp would be great. As I blasted through several short term goals fairly quickly early on, my long term goals went from 7 to 8 to 8.5 then back to 7.5 now up to 8.5 again. Cheers and good gains to ya!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hi d_s, I have never seen an interior catheter. Would it be possible to catheterize yourself?

well its always good to have a new member (no pun intended), welcome aboard


I guess it would be possible to catheterize yourself if you had the right gear, which is namely the actual Foley catheter, and a 30 mL syringe to insert some water. You would also have to know how to do the procedure, which I honestly wouldn’t be capable of, even though I was catheterized twice. Basically, the catheter is a tube with a point at the end that is inserted down the urethra, then the needle penetrates the bladder and lets urine flow through it and the tube. The water is needed, as there is a “balloon” on the needle end which is inflated with some water, which basically holds the catheter in place, so that it doesn’t pull out.

I would recommend to avoid getting catheterized at all costs, as it’s not exactly the best experience. I had to keep it in for 2+ weeks both times, so that the antibiotics I was taking would kill off the prostate infection in the meantime. I think the only positive experience from the catheterization is learning to deal with pain and inconvenience. Insertion and release both aren’t too pleasant experiences, and sometimes a twinge of pain can occur if you move your body around the wrong way while having the catheter hooked up to a leg bag (catches urine during the day when you actually have things to do) or a bedside drainage bag (used at night when you’re sleeping). Also, I noticed that my junk was a bit bigger afterwards for a couple weeks, but that wore off as I got used to not having a tube inside of me for that long.

Anyways, hope that was a decent explanation and didn’t make anyone’s balls hurt by reading it.

Guess I’m going to head out now, but I’ll be around here as regularly as I can. Later all.


Welcome to Thunder’s.

Kegels are a great exercise, for a lot of reasons, but if you are prone to prostatitis you need to work your way up in repetitions _very_ slowly. Begin with just 10, or so, and gradually add a few each day. Until your PC muscle becomes strong, you can actually aggravate your prostate. Never end a set of Kegels with your PC muscle feeling stressed is my advice.

Your size goal sounds very realistic to me.

Have fun here. It’s a solid community.




Hey, thanks for the advice. I did try PC exercises in the past while my prostatis was acting up (in attempts to try to strengthen the area), and did try to do too many at once (about 300 kegels per day, right off the bat). It did seem to aggravate things, and within a few days, I was in the hospital with a lovely new catheter (due to the prostatiis getting worse and probably the prostate not liking me doing so many kegels). So yes, I am taking it slow this time with the Kegels, and will work my way up gradually. In the end, it should be better for things.

Thanks to everyone for the support and advice. This seems like a great community that I most definitely want to be a part of. Talk to you all soon.

Re: Re: First Post

Originally posted by Braker
Indeed they are. But I'm not sure why, I have a feeling you are not going to stop at those! :chuckle:

Good luck!

Nothing could be more true

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WOW, 24 does seem awfully young to be having this type of condition…didnt think prostate issues usually started arising untill much later in life for most men. I’m also 24. Were there any conditions or warning signs leading up to you condition? Or was it just something that happened suddenly?


To be honest, I haven’t urinated at what I consider normal for about the last 11 years (7th grade or so). Basically, I haven’t really had a strong urination stream since then, but it is strong enough that I can completely empty myself at all times. I’ve seen a few urologists over the years, and they basically say they can’t find anything physically wrong with me, so they’re not sure what the deal is.

To answer your question though:

Before the prostatitis becomes full blown, I don’t really notice too much of a difference in anything right away, as it seems to gradually reduce the power of my urination. Basically, it comes to the point that I can’t increase the power of my urination by performing a reverse kegel (I believe that is the movement that produces a stronger piss stream). Once it reaches that point though, that is a fairly good sign that the infection is near full-blown.

The first time I had prostatitis, my piss stream just kept reducing strength until the point that I couldn’t even begin urinating. After about 12 hours of not being able to piss (and my bladder being overly filled), I went to the hospital, got catherterized, then saw a doctor who treated with antibiotics.

The second time however, I noticed the decreased piss stream, as well as actual pain at the meatus after urinating. Upon looking into the hole, I noticed some white puss in there. Kinda freaked me out. However, I had another symptom that was also very odd. During ejaculation the day before me having to go to the hospital, I experienced what is called a retrograde ejaculation. If you don’t know what that is, that means that instead of ejaculate leaving the penis, it actually goes straight into the bladder instead. That was definitely a weird experience, so I kinda figured I’d have problems (that along with the puss and the decreased piss stream), which I did.

I did manage to make an appointment that time around to see the doctor, but that wasn’t until the end of the next week, so I had to go to the emergency room when I got afflicted full-blown and couldn’t physically urinate.

Basically, if you pay enough attention to what’s happening to your body, you will be able to catch it on time. My first time around, it just seemed to hit me out of nowhere. That is just because, one day I could piss, and the next day I couldn’t. I did suspect that something wasn’t right, but kind of figured I was just imagining things.

The second time around, I knew it was happening again, but just couldn’t get a doctor appointment on time to avoid the catheterization.

Hope this long, drawn out explanation helped. Just pay attention to your body, and if you notice something out of the ordinary, you can try seeing what happens for a week or so, but if it worsens or doesn’t get better, it’s best to see a doctor as soon as you can. Prostatitis seems as if it can strike slowly but surely, or else really fast (as you may not notice the symptoms), but either way, if you notice that something isn’t right, that will greatly help in the proper detection and then solution to the potential problem.


That should help a lot in other’s detecting what might be happening. Prostatitis can sometimes kick in very quickly. I once went from feeling absolutely, perfectly fine at 3 PM to having chills and fever, a lot of PC muscle area pain, lower back pain, and extreme urgency to urinate just five hours later.

Normally, though, you can tell by how easily or how difficult it is to urinate and the onset is gradual. Feeling strongly and frequently that you need to urinate but getting little result is a major red flag.




Yeah, prostatitis can strike fast or slow, and if it does strike fast, it really sucks (well, even though it just sucks in general), as one day you can be fine, then the next day, everything goes to hell.

The other symptoms you pointed out are also good to mention, because prostatitis can show its face in a number of ways. I personally never experienced some of the symptoms you mentioned (like fever), but nonetheless, they are good to know about in the goal of diagnosing if you do indeed have prostatitis.


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