Dyslexic, nice to meet you. I am 20 and have been diagnosed with prostatis, and then prostadynia. Prostadynia is a condition where they can find nothing physically wrong with you, and you prostate is normal size, but you have symptoms of prostatis anyway. I have been dealing with this for about 8 months now. Instead of giving you my history on it, I just wanted to give you a little advice. If this thread is still active or becomes that way and some are interested, I will go through my history and symptoms in one post similar to yours. But I just wanted to tell you to be careful with the kegals. I have had doctors tell me that this is the main cause of my condition. I have only seen a few doctors (urologist) , and ofcourse you cant take what they say as how it really is. Your situtation may be much different than mine and kegels may help you even if all the doctors say it can only hurt. But I want you to understand that the oppinions you will get here, IMO, are not exactly geared toward those people with prostate problems. And it may be possible that kegels are not good for men to do, that they are actually bad. Afterall, I have read that one of the causes of prostatis in older men is due to the toning and enlargment of muscles along the pelvic floor. The prostat and these muscles, suposidly, get larger as we get older. It is only a matter of time before they start causing problems, as it is, they are in a tough spot. There is no room for them all to get large. IMO, I dont see kegels as a key point in PE. I think gains can be acheived with out it. I just wanted to express my oppinions and experiences on the issue. What I have experienced with prostatis is pretty short of hell and nearly cost me my life. I also want to note that I have no prove or reason believe that my problems have resulted from any sort of PE or kegels. I started to experiences symptoms 3 months after no PE activity. But the idea presented to me that my problems may in part have something to do with kegels is a legitamate one. With everything taken into account, I will probably never do another kegel in my life.