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First goal! *cabbagepatches*

First goal! *cabbagepatches*

I took Tom Hubbard’s advice, and kept away from the ruler, but was using a TP roll as a constant for my measurements.

(Angel Soft, if anyone cares. :p )

Now before, The Roll dwarfed my unit, (Damn TP roll, thinkin’ it’s all superior) ;)

Today I took an erect measurement, and the roll actually scraped my dick on the way down, I’ve almost got it packed!


That, and I overhung the roll by about an inch, NBPEL.

Methinks I’m going to start hanging, with one of tom’s PVC hangers there, once I build one, and get some weights.

Today, is a good day!


Congratulations on the growth nm156! Isn’t it great that this really works. When I first started two years ago I was real skepitcal. I was one of those guys that spent $40 at a pay site and was certain that I had just wasted my money. But I am now two inches longer than when I first started and much thicker. My only wish is that Thunder’s Place was around then and that I had gotten the program for free.

Hanging would be a good addition to your routine. I also built Tom’s hanger. But a couple weeks ago I bought a Bib. Both have their advantages but I would encourage you to buy a Bib before he stops selling them…just so that you can have one.

Again, congratulations on your growth. It’s guys like you that keep me motivated.


Aye, I bought the subscription last year.

Good lord, their management sucked ass.

Thunder’s place buries it.

In fact, I lost my password to, and (after much runaround by the management) Thunder and Uncut4Big were the guys who helped get it back. Shortly after, thunder advertised this place opening, and I haven’t looked back. I dont think i’ve been back to once. :)

As for the Bibhanger, I’m not sure I can scrape together 100 bucks in 10 days, as the rent’s due first of the month. :(

I figure I’ll build myself a Hubbard Hanger, and then if all goes well, I’ll try my hand at building a Bib.


I didn’t completely understand your post except that you’re excited about what’s happening - outstanding!

I’ve only advocated indirect measuring (“staying away from the ruler”, which to me means cutting a piece of wood to a certain length) for a couple weeeks now, though I’ve always recommended visuals (i.e., TP tube) as very powerful.

We all like success stories - keep telling…!

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