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First Gains ... Still Need Advice

First Gains ... Still Need Advice

So I took time off from overworking my first month. I started on the newbie routine for the first month back, and I actually had some modest gains … Here is the breakdown:


EL (NBP): 5.9
EL (BP): 6.2

EG: 4.3

FL: 3.3



EL (NBP): 6.1
EL (BP): 6.5

EG: 4.3

FL: 3.5

My goal at this point is 6.5 NBP EL and 5.0 EG. As you can see, my girth didn’t change at all … I think tht is because I don’t use any girth oriented techniques. So I am here to ask all of you girth gainers, what are some good exercises to gain girth. I orginally started PE for girth since I am satisfied with a 6.1” unit (but 6.5” would be nice … hehe). So drop me some comments if you have some advice.


PS: Does anyone know if those “Average Size” surveys / results are BP or NBP? Just curious how I measure up the surveys …

Congradulations those are very respectable results for your first month. I’ll let someone with more experience help you though.

Good gains, man. Just keep up the work.

Regarding girth, I’d recommend to start with jelqing at around 80% erect (or fully engorged but not hard). You know what I mean. I would then slowly increase intensity and add different excersises to your routine. But take it slowly.


I might disagree about you on the fully engorged part; I think there is reason to suggest the girth mechanism kicking in better when you don’t have full length filled. This being due to different layers of the tunica and different strength directions, but at any rate I’d say start jelquing not fully engorged - plump and expanded but not fully engorged.

regards, mgus

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Keep stretching and jelqing!

Not much time to PE lately since wifey and kiddies got sick. But best girth results for me were from 200 to 300 jelqs per session. You will look and feel plumper for at least half a day. Slowly but surely the results stay and you will notice a better flaccid hang as well as a thicker hardon.

Edging also provided girth for me too… but I don’t have the privacy to do it often enough. Thirty minutes to an hour was such a nice way to spend time in front of your PC watching porn. I actually miss doing it LOL!

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Look into O-bends, Uli’s, CS Blasters and Horse 440’s!


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