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Firm grip

Firm grip

First of all I want to congratulate Thunder, all the moderators and members with this excellent forum. I have been a member for some months without posting anything ( guess I didn’t feel I had anything to contribute ) and i have been doing pe on and off during the past year or so without any great success.

There is one thing i would like to bring to your attention. I have been experimenting with different materials to wrap around my glans for improved grip. I tried some of the things mentioned in this forum ( swim cap, toilet paper and so on) and it did help a bit, but not enough to make me stop looking for something else.

What i came up with in the end was, strange as it may sound, screen cleaning tissues. These comes in rolls of 100, are made of some paper like, fibrous material and are pretty durable. A problem i had with the materials i tried previous to this was that my glans would get very dry and “scratched” after a while. I found out that i could soak these screen tissues in almond oil without it having any negative effect on the grip, thus eliminating much of the discomfort.

Don’t know if any of you have come up with the same, but i thought i’d post it.

hi scytale nice to meet you,

Good tip. Do you wash the nasty cleaning chemicals out first?

In supermarkets around my way, they stock moisturising towels. These are similar to the ones you get on a plane but without the astringent. I think these are a similar material and kind of similar to your end product. Did you try these before going for screen cleaners?

Memento: Thanks for reply.

The tissues i am using have some kind of chemical on them and I used to wash them and dry them before using them on my body.
As time went by I started using them right out of the box however. I haven’t noticed any ill effects from this( have been using them for about 6 months) and i think the solvent is mildly alcoholic and not very hazardous. It says on the box that it can be used on TFT screens and those are very sensitive to chemicals i think. I might be running a risk though and the best thing to do would probably be to wash them before use.

You mention moisturizing towels and yes, i think it is pretty similar. If you could get the material without any chemicals on it it would be a good thing. I am afraid i tried stuff i had around the house at the time, found the screen tissues and stuck with those.

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