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Finger Soreness

Finger Soreness

Does anyone else get a significant amount of finger soreness while jelqing or doing other manual exercises?

I do jelqs, horse 440’s, and a pretty taxing head exercise that all involve a lot of hard squeezing. My fingers become pretty sore and I’m worried about causing some long term problems. Maybe I should just take it a little bit easier, but I was just wondering if anyone else had the same problem.

Yes, I got some finger soreness. Some of it is my age I think, 52. What I have done and it helps a lot is to jelq in 5 minute segments and then take a 20-30 second break to shake out my hands and lube up as necessary. It’s amazing how much it helps.

Is that soreness or fatigue? I tortured my hands for years with manual PE. When I took chrondoitin/glucosamine, the “aching” in my hands would go away. Long term effects, I have a bad right elbow, and bad left wrist, probably due to wear and tear with weight-lifting and PE. As for fatigue, you just have to tough it out. Take small breaks if you have to.

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Its definetely soreness. I have no problem continuing manual PE for any amount of time because the pain really is not that great. But the soreness that I can still feel the next day worries me a little. I might start taking glucosamine though, I hear its good for the knees as well.

Absolutely have soreness in the first joint in the thumb. I generally use fingertip pressure from my left hand over this joint while doing intense jelqing. Seems ironic that trying to fatigue your dick kills your hands.

I also used to get pain and swelling in the first joint of my thumb. I couldn’t figure out what was causing it then realized it was from tightening the bib hanger. Now, I have to be real conscious of what I’m doing to take the pressure off the thumb.

You need to work out more to get more strength… that’s all.

Stretches are even tougher than jelqs and squeezes.

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Buy the powerjelq, my hands haven’t hurt since.


I have a powerjelq and I don’t like it at all. The amount of pressure I have to put on the handles to get a decent squeeze is enormous and hurts even more, and my dick is not that skinny. Plus most of the soreness is caused by horse 440’s and my head exercise. Anyway, I just take a little more time in between exercises and the fingers are less sore.

Buy a BIB.

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