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Find out your real condom size

Find out your real condom size

Cool! Nice to find out I should already be wearing a large! :)

You guys should check out this site… you might suprirse yourself too.

It has a great illustration showing condom size from small all the way up to a nine inch long XL. Scroll all the way down.

The link didn’t work


I guess they measure non bone pressed right?

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Made my day! A large at last :D

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I’m a large as well, That’s a major boost to my confidence. If I ever reach XL I’m going to be so damn Cocky

What is the difference between a Trojan Magnum and a Trojan Large? They are both listed in the large category.

Thanks 9x6, that was cool.

Length-wise, I could get by with a medium-large, but my erect girth is just over 6” - and regular condoms feel too tight.

Imagine if you were too big to wear ANY condom. That would obviously be an inconvenience, but wouldn’t that be too cool?

Imagine telling a woman, “Sorry, ma’am, but they don’t make a condom in the world large enough to fit me.” <said with huge grin>

Sorry Sizemeister, it was my first attempt to make a link. I just copied and pasted it. So you’ll have to do the same, I guess.

Well, im not that huge but is there a XXL size?

Well normal condoms seem to fit me well, just little short but that doesn’t bother me.

Looking to be a kiwi.

Just a question: I’ve never used this brand of condoms but judging from the girth size (5.2”) I have to use the XL size! But I’m only (compared to the condom length ;) ) 6.6” in length!

Where do I put the excessive amount of gum?
Is this suppose to be a scarf too?

Ok, just joking….I know I have to let it rolled up near the base but sometimes, during sex, when I was searching for the deeper penetration the “gum donut” near the base had caused the condom to remain trapped inside!
….and that’s not a good way to finish!

Do “not so long but quite wide” condoms exist?


Who is the Master now?

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