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Just letting everyone know that I’m making some good progress with PE, after 3 months, it has finally caught up with me, though, the gains are small, but they exist. I believe the upward jelqs are the main cause for my success.

Good going starter, it works just keep the faith

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So, what’s going on? You got stuck and changed your routine? After three months of no growth I just started hanging straight up. I’m hoping to get surprised with some new growth :)

I’ve been at it for about 4 months and I have made some impressive gains. I can’t imagine PEing for 4 months without any gains. I envy you guys greatly.

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Way to go Starter!

Add another set on your routine, and next gains will come in 2 months! :)


Originally Posted by remek

Starting 5.75” X 4.5” (12-27-2003)

Current 6.9” X 5” (04-9-2004) (I NEED GIRTH, PM ME IF YOU WANT TO SELL YOURS)

You’ve gained 0.5” girth in 4 months and you want more !?!?! I’ve not got half that in a year…….what have you been doing to your cock ? Please tell :)

Congrats! Always nice to hear someone recognizes first gains!

Keep on gaining mate!


Awesome to finally be gaining, congrats!
It took me 3 months as well before I could measure a no-fluke gain and I know I’m hooked for real now.

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