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Finally cracked Jelqing

Finally cracked Jelqing

I know it sounds dumb but for me, a bit achievement!

I finally got a good jelqing technique and can really feel it!

Not sure how many to do to start, i’m going by the newbie routine but after 200 i wasnt “pumped” so i guess thats a negative reaction to the pressure, maybe i should try less reps to start?

Realised i was definatley trying to run before i could walk with my routine before, guess i didnt know the risks properly, as i read yesterday on another thread (i forget who said it) It’s great to have a big dick, but even better to have one that works!

Newbie routine here i come for the next God knows how long!

You'll split her in two?........I've seen more Girth on a HB pencil........

Good job, technique is everything. Getting down a good technique and mixing it with persistence is the most obvious way to gaining

I think I have improved my jelqing technique a lot through my PE career. Good Luck in your PE journey :)

Excellent lesson learned.

Jelq at first look, seems the simplest thing in the world, but when you get deep, It’s fuckin hard to get along!

Originally Posted by Steve_py
I know it sounds dumb but for me, a bit achievement!

No that is a great achievement for anybody. A big part of PE is getting a good Jelq technique, congrats on perfecting it so soon.

P.S. Capitalise “I” or the villages wiill chase you with flame and pitchforks.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Congrats, man, but I have to ask…who IS that girl in your avatar????

Most guys don’t realize that manual PE is a skill just like any other, and it takes time to master. I would say that most guys would reach real proficiency in about a year.

Hanging is even trickier to master, in my opinion, which is why it’s best left to the well-conditioned.

Congratulations on the gains, Steve, and please, read the
Forum Guidelines before you post again… :D


Originally Posted by doghound
Congrats, man, but I have to ask…who IS that girl in your avatar????

Vida Guerra.


Yeah I saw her in FHM, wow.

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