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figured out sudden "jump" in growth...

figured out sudden "jump" in growth...

Originally Posted by maj.wood
I just measured, because it clearly looked bigger. I just went from 6.5 to 6.75 in a matter of weeks. My routine is the same, but I have been using whey protien for lifting. I DO KNOW that I could reach 6.75 length from a traction wrapped erection, but that’s it. It’s really cool.

The only thing I can think of is that my erections are “ruler shy,” so they might have dropped when I tried to measure them registering 6.5. Hmmm, I am not sure

Anyone else ever had a growth spurt like that, or “ruler shyness” disappearing? Maybe its the whey protien, :rofl: ?

I figured it out. It seems that as I grow, the range of erection sizes will increase too from day to day. I was puzzled because my gains are patient. So, now I must consider average erection sizes instead of treating everything as cemented.

Starting Stats: 6" bpel x 5.5" eg Current Stats (2nd length goal MET!): 7.0" bpel x 5.5" eg 2nd Goal: 7.5" bpel x 5.75" eg BIG Goal: 8.0" bpel x 6.5" eg

Most guys measure their “Max Wood” when their recording their measurements. Remember, Major, it takes a while to cement those gains!


If you’re at the end of 2-4 months newbie training then it might just be the potential of your ligs. I just remember to have gained nothing but flaccid lenght for the first 2+ months, and one morning after 3 months of PE my boner was noticeable bigger - I took a ruler and saw 0.8” +. That was the day I was sure that PE does work. I don’t think whey protein stands in any direct relation to your phenomenon, since your member is not a muscle and hence made of different structures than protein, which is to the largest extend collagen and elastin. It might rather be due to one or the other additional supplement mixed into whey protein (if you’re not using pure whey) which compensates for your possibly unbalanced nutrition habits(?).




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