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Figs and Tuna

Figs and Tuna

So far the only reason I have heard of why not to work ligs and tunica together, is because it is better to put all your limited time into one thing so that it will grow at it’s fastest. Is there any other reason at all? My situation is that I want length gains quickly but I have enough time to stretch my ligs manually for 1 hour each day or more, and I have more free time on my hands still, but don’t want to kill my ligs with over work, so I am thinking of using some of that extra time after 1+ hours on ligs, to work the tunica. Can anyone see a problem in doing this which would result in slower growth? It only looks like it would increase the rate of length gains from where I am standing, but all I hear in here is “oh no!! You musn’t ever dare do ligs and tunica together! It is forbiden! It’s the work of the devil!”

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

In my slight gains and opinion, I don’t see how doing both at once will change anything, it will be the same as seperate, they are two different parts :)

Merry Girthmas!

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)

Hi Gotta-
The way I see it, it is more beneficial to work the ligs to exhaustion if your LOT indicates lig stretch is worthwhile. When we work the ligs our tunica also benefits because it must first take the tension intended for the ligs (a two for one special). When we concentrate on just the tunica, our ligs see very little benefit.
It has been proposed (Hobby) that when people with a low LOT use a tunica focused routine they can often increase their LOT and then go back to find room for more growth in their ligs.
One of the drawbacks to solely focusing on ligs is that the “inner penis” has less chance of being drawn out - but when you take into consideration the easier had gains of lig stretch it makes better sense to fatigue the stringy bastards and enjoy a little tunica growth in the process.
When the ligs are fatigued to satisfaction and you have taken good advantage of this, time spent solely on the tunica can- as you point out -only increase your chances of gaining.

In short: You shouldn’t eat the tuna until you’ve had your figs.

Merry Girthmas.

Thanks Captn, that helps a lot.

You know I think the jewish holiday called Hunica(no idea how to spell it) is at the same time as christmas. Maybe we should all be saying “happy hungtunica” lol

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

I hear you Grow-
It’s off the subject of PE and hanging but I have to say that the consumer corruption of the “holidays” (read: HOLYdays) has become so vile I think we should be greeting each other with:
“Merry X-Box!”

Hope your growing pal.

I totally agree Oh Captn my Captn. Especially the ChirstMass HolyDays. I am not sure whether Jesus was son of God or anything, but if it is in rememberance of his birth, then only people who believe in Jesus as Chirst should celibrate it. Everyone else should have some respect for people’s beliefs and not dilute the whole meaning down and turn it into something else, for their own wants. It makes a mockery of it all to turn it into a comercialised holiday, making children believe it is a day for them when it is a day to remember Jesus. Spoiling kids with vast numbers of presents when Jesus only recieved 3 presents? It’s meant to be in rememberance of Jesus’s birthday, not theirs. Well I guess it all comes down to one thing. Human’s are self centred, self rightious, self serving, self absorbed creatures for the most part. Even when they give people many presents, it might look like a selfless act, but they are usually interested in making themselves look good and want to be regarded in a good light. It’s often just a selfish act when they give presents. Now I don’t mean selfish in it’s very worst application or term. I mean selfish by it being more about them than it first appears. They want to feel good about themselves, so give presents. If giving presents made them feel bad, even though it was the best thing to do, you wouldn’t see so many people giving presents. What seems to be a selfless, giving act at first appearance, isn’t at all.

I salute you Oh captn my captn. Enjoy a festive measure of grog on me.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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Originally posted by Ike

This is all I've been able to find so far. Figs and prosciutto seems to be a more popular combination.

Thinking about it Ike…..

The topic of religion is rather appropriate with respect to “Figs and Tuna”. If I’m not mistaken Adam and Eve wore fig leafs. Therefore - at least in the case of Eve - Figs and Tuna is a combination dating back to the very dawn of time (Darwin be damned).

Yes, and fresh sashimi-grade tuna is one of the most sensual foods I can think of.

Then there are these exerpts from one of my top five favorite books: Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse:

“Yes, I have marked your words,” Siddhartha exclaimed. “How should I
not mark words which are coming from such a mouth! Your mouth is like
a freshly cracked fig, Kamala. My mouth is red and fresh as well, it
will be a suitable match for yours, you’ll see.—But tell me, beautiful
Kamala, aren’t you at all afraid of the Samana from the forest, who has
come to learn how to make love?”


She beckoned him with her eyes, he tilted his head so that his face
touched hers and placed his mouth on that mouth which was like a
freshly cracked fig. For a long time, Kamala kissed him, and with a
deep astonishment Siddhartha felt how she taught him, how wise she was,
how she controlled him, rejected him, lured him, and how after this first
one there was to be a long, a well ordered, well tested sequence of
kisses, everyone different from the others, he was still to receive.
Breathing deeply, he remained standing where he was, and was in this
moment astonished like a child about the cornucopia of knowledge and
things worth learning, which revealed itself before his eyes.


I need to recast my vote now in the TKO of a Thread thread. I thought I was a serial killer in training. I’m really more of a serial hijacker.


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