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Fighting penis head irritation.

Fighting penis head irritation.

Hello there. I’ve been searching for a cream/lotion that I can apply to the head of my penis to avoid the irritation caused by hanging (either using vacuum or not). The tip of my penis head has some red/darker spots and this tends to get worse unless I stop my hanging trainings.

So, should I apply a Vit E cream/lotion? Or something like Aloe Vera?

What could you tell me about this subject? What does your experience tell you?

Thank you.

Come on guys. 32 views and no repply?

I’ve searched info about this, but I’d like to read what you pros have to say about it.

Some help?
Thanks… I guess…

OK I think this guy had a similar problem, I haven’t read it properly, but he seemed to solve it with wrapping, not cream. Check it out.

pictures of me vacuum hanging

A cream or lotion probably wouldn’t help. The darkness and spots are probably due to the pressure or decreased blood flow cause by your hanger. A different hanging apparatus or different placement of the one you’re using might help.

Ive had the same problem. I am also looking for some advice.

Restarting everything.

It goes with the territory, hanging is quite a hardcore thing to do that many would consider insane. Vaseline tends to help dryness and irritation, use liberally!

I get this badly with my ADS-flopping aroung in my pants and such; I love it!

Aloe Vera has a soothing effect, or anything indicated for sunburn relief.

Or you could just leave it ALONE! Not bloody likely.


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