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Female Pelvic floor excersises

Female Pelvic floor excersises

I know there is this ‘thing’ in society, that says that guys always have to have a huge penis etc etc right?

Well heres my story.

I am currently with someone who does Pelvic Floor excersises as often as she breathes. I am only 5” in length (no idea thickness, never paid that much attention).

Before I have been made to feel small by the people I was with, when inside someone I felt too small.

Now, with this girl I am with, I am perfect size, if anything, Im big for her (the honest truth), because she has made herself so tight, it is actually impossible to put 2 fingers inside her at the same time.

I told her I was using the routines here, and she asked me to stop, saying that anything over 5” would be uncomfortable for her and she prefers my size the way I am saying she has better orgasms with me, that ex’s of hers who have been 6-7” because it hurt with them. She used to have one of these new vibrators… forgot the name some popular one, but she cant use it, because its too big for her.

And she has this amazing way of squeezing me with her muscles when I am inside her, its really something :D

So why are guys the ones always beaten on for being ‘small’ when an amazing woman like this has left me feeling like a stud, the way I was born.
If every woman out there did Pelvic Floor excersises, would we really have this insecurity? Or maybe the posters of today would be looking for penis reduction excersies

Women and size

You know, the more I learn about women the more I hear their comments on the size issue, I’m becoming convinced that to MOST of them, size is really not that important even though they say it is. They say this to us, and one another because they believe it is what people want to hear these days. My woman (a self professed size queen) and I discuss this a lot. We are pretty honest with each other but still, I think she mostly pretends it really matters because she knows how important it is to me, plus she knows I’m attracted to Size Queens. With some women, and please don’t get upset with me, ladies, because it is just a few insecure women I’m talking about here, it may even be a control device. I mean, think about it, in anger we all throw out the most lethal dagger. If a woman is backed into a corner in an argument let’s say, and you all know “All is fair in Love and Bickering” if she really wanted to make a man feel inadequate, what better way than letting him know she has been with men who were bigger. This doesn’t work with me because I almost have a fetish about hearing my woman talk about being with men who were large, but with most men this kind of talk would really “Put them in their place” in an argument. But those women are few; I think with most, it is just kind of a conversation piece. I think it is a bonding thing that has come to be fashionable, a new millennium kind of deal. In the eighties it was butts, when women got together and discussed men it was always he had a great ass. Back in the fifties it was Tall Dark and Hansom. Today when women talk men, if they want to brag or impress one another its the size thing, just like men brag about how big a woman’s tits were. I personally prefer small tits, but if I were hanging out with the guys and I wanted to impress them, I’d never say, “Man I went out with this chick last night and she had these really SMALL tits. No, I think penis sizes is always more important to men.

I think it is still good to do PE, because with birth and sex, women’s vagina will expand to some degree. However we are not supposed to satisfy queen sizes at all. Those queen sized women should take it onto themselves and do something to tighten their vaginas.

If I am not wrong, any vagina exercise would actually aim to tighten the vagina walls, right? The length of the vagina wouldn’t be that much affected by these exercises. So it is not a bad idea to shoot for 7-8” EL. Because prior to orgasm, woman’s vagina can expand in length. Vagina exercises would allow the woman to squeeze their vagina walls and embrace the penis with more friction.

If all the women were as nice as your girlfriend and taking responsibility, then the world would be a better place. Yet the women are not like that unfortunately. They think that it is upto men to satisfy them. If there is no friction down there, they just assume that it is men’s small size that was the reason.

I found this article before that shows the general trend, yet it seems like there is a hope that things may change.

(Sorry, I didn’t know whether I should copy and paste all the article, because this is Main Member’s Forum)


You are one lucky guy.

That being said, If your length is 5” bpel I think it is reasonable for you to try to negotiate with her on pe. For your own sense of adequacy (apparently you have an issue otherwise you wouldn’t be here) it would seem reasonable for you to aim for only 6-6.5”bpel. In other words at least to get to average length. Perhaps she could relax her exercise routine and try to accomadate you. I think if you presented it to her in terms of needing to do this for your own sense of adequacy she would accept it. It would be a lot tougher to sell it if you were already say 7.0 bpel.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Most women lay on their backs like death fish and don’t do anything about THEIR SIZE!

Carl, you are one lucky bastard, that kinda women are rare.

Looking to be a kiwi.

Carl has a good point.

Although Ive not told my wife Im PEing (Im waiting for the day she says “gee your dick looks and feels bigger honey”), I have got her to start up her Pelvic Floor Muscle exercises also. After two kids, I wouldnt say she was “loose”, but shes not as tight as she was.

After each of our kids was born, within a few hours of getting back to the ward, she was doing crunches and pelvic exercises. All the other new mums look at her as if she was crazy! Point is, her stomach is as flat now as the day we got married, while all our friends have guts hanging out everywhere. All my mates comment on how good my wife looks after kids and how their wifes have let themselves go.Yep, Im one lucky guy!!

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