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Felt a pop while stretching. Is that normal?


Felt a pop while stretching. Is that normal?

While I was doing some manual stretching this morning, I felt a slight pop in my ligs. I wasn’t using a high amount of tension. Just the usual amount. It wasn’t painful, but I felt it and would have sworn that I heard it, too. Is this normal? Anybody experience this kind of thing before?

Hmmmm, pop goes the weasel? that’s a new one on me. i’ve never heard of that.

Oddly enough that is called a lig pop. Usually happens with a lot of downward stretch force, but perhaps you have a lower threshold. It is nothing to worry about other then the fact it tends to freak you out.

Lig pops are very common when doing p.e especially manual stretches, some people see it as a
Positive sign that some gains are just around the corner:) It happened to me once but it had no positive or negative effects on my p.e.

But basically if it wasn’t painful it sounds like a good sign to me:) hope some more experienced
Lig poppers chime in.

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I wonder what lig pops actually are…

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Most likely stretched ligaments rolling over one another under the tension of being pulled.

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I’m not sure that penile ligaments are capable of rolling over each other, since they are not round.

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Perhaps it could be ligament pressing against ligament as it is being pulled downward?

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Maybe you’re about to get humongoid gains. Cheers!

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I too had a lig pop last work out. At first I was like “Oh no, that’s it, I’ve damaged myself…I’ll probably never get an erection again.” Eventually the shock faded, and a couple hours later when I got hard I breathed a sigh of relief. I think they are fine assuming you were doing your ‘normal’ amount of pressure. None the less, very scary the first time it happens.


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Yeah it just happened to me. Scared the ever living shit out of me. Immediately jumped on Google and searched it. And wouldn’t you know the first website that popped up in Google search was Thunders place.

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What terms did you search?

” I just felt a pop while stretching my penis” is exactly what I put in.



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