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Feeling like I need To PEE, WTF??

Feeling like I need To PEE, WTF??

Question, do any of you feel like you need to pee but can’nt after a PE session? The reason I am asking is I was doing pe for a while last year, got side tracked and am looking to start again, I even bought a pump so I am motivated but I remember even with light sessions that I felt like I was going to pee or needed too. It is a strange sensation, kinda like feeling like you need to but cant. I would even sometimes feel like I was going too and wasnt sure if I was? Anyone have experience with this? Is it normal?? Should I be scared…

No I feel that it is normal to have that sensation after a workout. Many men get the same sensation after sex, which is just another form of a workout. Unless there is something I’m missing, I would consider this just another minor side effect of PE.

Well, if that symptom persists, go see a doc.

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I could be wrong, but I heard of these symptoms related to the early stages of bladder infection. If you have one, you’ll find out soon.

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