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Fat Pad Body Fat


Originally Posted by xefon
I have a good 2 in of fat pad For best mesurments of a 7 bpel I cant even get to my pubic bone. I amd bigger than 7, but dont know how much more.

I have thought of LIPO suction in the fat pad area. Didnt read to much into it though.

I thought I was the only poor soul with a “belly” down there. I’m getting my ass to work on losing weight, at 244 lbs. I am sure this will make a big difference.

Holy shit body fat % 30.31
81.75 lbs of body fat. I am 6’2 and 270

Was 330 lb in jan

6-25-05 6 1/4 bpel, 5 eg Goal 8.5x6.5 Bald, Bearded, Pierced, Tattooed, Beast of a GERMAN! An Active in BRONTOPHILIA "An Attraction to Thunderstorms; Sexual Arousal from the Sound of Thunder."

I get an entire fitness evaluation every 2-3 months, ie; a cardio eval,body fat / lean mass in ,not only percentages ,but also pounds. There are many other measurements taken & I have them take my entire body measurements as well-to keep track of which workouts & supplements are befitting me. This is done at my gym & I’m scheduled for tomorrow so I’ll give you fellas an accurate report. In Feb. I was at 16% bf. I hope I’m down to 14% tomorrow, wellllllll maybe 15?

Originally Posted by xefon
Holy shit body fat % 30.31
81.75 lbs of body fat. I am 6’2 and 270

Was 330 lb in jan

I don’t think Rich will mind if I hijack the thread by saying you are doing great, keep up the good work. I am right behind you.

I’m 37

BF = roughly 20-22%

Fat pad = 1 1/4”

Age: 26

Body Fat: 6%

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 160

Fat Pad: .5”

"I am the master of the C.L.I.T." Starting 4/3/05: 6 5/8 BPEL 5 EG (Base) 4 3/8 BPFL 4 FG Current: 7/3/05 7 1/2 BPEL 6 1/2 EG (Base) 5 7/8 BPFL 5 1/4 FG

Age: 43
BF: 11.5%
FPad: <5/8” ~ .6”

Fat distribution changes with age. I read a study a few years back about male facial burn victims. Those who had cosmetic grafts from the abdominal area exhibited increasing flabbiness (due to thicker fat layer) with age at the graft sites, relative to non-grafted sites. Ingenious study, one droopy cheek (control) vs a very droopy cheek (graft site) made the comparison obvious.

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