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Fat/Lazy/unhealthy/drunk and making gains?

Fat/Lazy/unhealthy/drunk and making gains?

Are there any people out there who do no or little exercise AND/OR crap diet AND/OR drink a bit/lot AND/OR generally lead an unhealthy lifestyle and still make gains?

Is there some sort of correlation between fitness/health lifestyle and gains or is this not significant for PE unlike your physique for example.

I think there are quite a few people here who are heavily into weightlifting/working out/diet/supplements, etc.

I aint one of them though and I still gained fairly significantly. Roughly an inch in length, about .25 in girth before a LONG break, which killed the girth gains.

I go through cycles of working out daily which last for several months and then I just stop. Completely. So I definitely fall into the lazy category.

I also drink like a fish, eat what tastes good, do occasional recreational drugs and smoke. I’m about 10 lbs overweight, haven’t had a flat stomach since high school and can’t bench press my body weight.

But I got game and have always gotten laid like a madman regardless of my physical condition so I’m unfortunately not consistently motivated to workout.

Bottom line is that I’m evidence that you can gain regardless of lifestyle.

I will say that I am 100% convinced that had I devoted a fraction of the time I put into PE into working out I would be in phenomenal shape, more attractive to women and a better lover.

Exercise and weightlifting would have made changes in my body far more significant to my love life than the increase in penis size. I know this rationally, but have the fairly standard male complex about penis inadequacy and am absolutely fascinated by and addicted to this “black art” of PE.

So boys, do as I say, not as I do and stop pulling on your dicks and hit the gym and eat better. It will improve your life far more than strapping pipe clamps around your cock and hanging anvils from them.

Me? I’m gonna crack a beer, download some fresh porn and pull on my dick for an hour while smoking a couple of marlboros seeing if I can’t eke out .1 inch of girth this month. :)

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Good to know. I assume most people who stumle across or are interested in PE are already somewhat focused on improving there body in the first place. Like myself. But sometimes (like now) I just feel like doing shit and getting high and getting laid. No doubt an unhealthy lifestyle will make you worse in the sack. But I could defo do with a month or so doing f all but I’m still motivated to grow my dick.

Any other lazy fat fuckers wanna contribute, lol j/k.

Goddamn Jay. For some reason that was the funniest f’n post I think I’ve read on this site. Shit. Good stuff.

Top quality post from jay_w!

Good question and one that’s been debated here quite a bit. I’m doubtful that general exercise and eating habits have much of an impact on PE, barring unhealthy extremes.

Kingdong, please do not use abbreviations when posting here. Thanks.

Originally Posted by jay_w

Me? I’m gonna crack a beer, download some fresh porn and pull on my dick for an hour while smoking a couple of marlboros seeing if I can’t eke out .1 inch of girth this month. :)

Spoken like a true man. I’m right there with you. Do what works for you and stop being a pussy (not you, guys in general), lift some serious ass-pounding weights, bullshit with your buddies, don’t be afraid to tell them that they are full of shit, and don’t be afraid when they tell you that you are full of shit, because it’s probably true. :D

I don’t do a god damn thing besides sit around here all day and hang, trade foreign currency, and do my distance learning work. I’m standing 8 hrs a day at my retail job, I guess that qualifies as excercise? I drink at least 4 drinks a day on avg, smoke a pack a day, drink like 8 cups of coffee, and eat diet stuff, like SmartOnes and Healthy Choice dinners. I’ll eat the occasional fast food meal when I’m in a hurry.

Gains have been slow and steady, and I don’t think there’s a correlation between hanging gains and fitness. It’s not about building muscle or losing fat, it’s about deforming the penis un-naturally! I think being unhealthy actually helps deform tissues quicker.

For those of us with fat pads, excercise and diet could help reduce that and give us a better NBP measurement?


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I love that: 4 drinks a day, a pack of cigarettes followed by Healthy Choice!!!

That’s like the folks getting a triple bacon cheeseburger with supersized fries and a Diet Coke!

I only rag on it because like you, my freezer is stuffed with Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine. The new Eating Right line at Safeway is pretty tasty too.

P.S. - Off topic but I’m starting to get a sense that it’s getting close to the time to go long the dollar against various currencies. Wouldn’t mind exchanhing some PMs with you. In my previous life I managed a portfolio with significant foreign holdings so while I never directly traded currencies we did a lot of delta hedging.

We have the technology! We can make it bigger, stronger...

Orig BPEL 6.25x4.375 current BPEL 7.3125x4.5

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I’m thinking that as long as your not a vegetarian and eating enough protein you should be fine with growing new tissue.

Never exercise - check. Complete crap diet - check. Drink a lot - check.. Still made gains. :)

I could not stop laughing when I saw the title of this thread. On another note I don’t see why one wouldn’t be able to make gains while being unhealthy but I can also see the flip side.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

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