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Fast gainers question...

Fast gainers question...

OK, this is getting ridiculous. I’m averaging around 1/4 every two weeks. At this pace, my dong will be 1 yard by new years. That said, I’ve heard a lot that after 5 months, you start to get some good gains. Has anyone had similar experience with fast growth, and if so, did it continue? God I hope it does…

I’m only doing jelqing, and only 30 minutes or so a day at that. NO stretching, or hanging, or anything else. I’ll move onto other things when this stops, but I hope it never does!

Thanks for the answers in advance guys :)

I will reach my goals. Period. Starting Stats: NBPEL: 5.75 (2/1/2004) EG: 5.00 Current Stats: NBPEL: 7.75 (6.11.2005) EG: 6.125 EG Base: 6.5 (YES!!!) Goals: NPEFL: 9 BPEL: 10 EG: 7


I gained at a similar rate and gained about 1.5 inches before it came crashing down…well I hit a plateau HARD!

Same kind of routine, jelqs and that was it.

Im afraid it does not last…enjoy it while you can!!

Talk about jinxing yourself! If you can find some wood, knock on it!!!

PE gains are one of life’s little mysteries, enjoy them while you get them and be thankful. At some point, you will plateau, but stick with it to cement your gains and then try a different routine. Seems as though doing it harder and longer is not always the right approach when this happens as there is a theory, your just make your cock tougher, not bigger.

But for now, just keep doing what you’re doing.

Originally Posted by gprent101
Talk about jinxing yourself! If you can find some wood, knock on it!!!

Hehe, true..
Began thinking about luck, when i saw your post.
Maybe should start a brand new one.

There’s lots of such thing,

Like the one you mentioned “saying you gain fast”
The next day you wish you never ever said it.

I’ve heard, even a “good luck!” can be jinxing?

King Dong,

Enjoy it while it lasts, pal. My routine was identical to yours, and I gained an inch in the first month, then nothing for a month. Then I added stretches to the jelq routine, (but kept on jelqing) and gained about an inch and half in the third and fourth months. As long as it’s working, just keep doing what you’re doing. I too, am convinced you can overwork willy.

Of course you can keep growing, but it has to slow down. When I reached 10”, I got a little frightened that I’d end up with a 12 incher, but I’ve pretty much leveled off except for my flaccid stretches (they’re still growing slightly after 7 months). You’re one of the “lucky bastards,” as we’re depicted here. So just enjoy the “thrill of the gain.”


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


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