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Fast and slow gainers

Fast and slow gainers

As we all know, some of us gain quickly, some of us do not. Some of us gain in different directions at different speeds - my length is relatively quick, whilst my girth is mighty slow.

However - saying “I’m a slow gainer” or “I’m a fast gainer” isn’t particularly specific, so there must be some way of measuring gain speed. The most obvious one is average growth rate.

This is calculated by taking the gains you’ve made (in inches), and dividing it by the number of weeks you’ve been PE’ing. This will give you a decimal figure, which when rounded to three decimal places gives your AGR.

There are a couple of inconsistencies though - if you’ve taken a long period off during your PE career, or you’ve had a slow period for whatever reasons; feel free to take two AGR measurements. One for each solid period of PE you’ve undertaken. You can then compare the two and see which routines gave you the best gain speed.

Another benfit of AGR is being able to predict (roughly) when you’ll hit a certain length if gains keep up at the same rate. While this is obviously not an exact science, it can be encouraging.

So - while I know most of what I’ve said so far is probably what you’re all doing already, I’d like to make it ‘official’: AGR = gains / time in weeks.

I’ll go first:
Length AGR: 0.055”
Girth AGR: 0.016”

I think I’d consider myself a relatively quick gainer on length - nearly an inch in 4 months, but I had a long period of rubbish PE in the middle somewhere. So - who’s next? :)

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You are right, this is very unexact, but just for fun:



The longer you PE, the lower the number goes.

Take my first 3 months, figure 12 weeks:
Length: .073
Girth: .0157

Not bad. All my time off adds up to a few months, but at the 23 month (100 weeks) mark:
Length: .015
Girth: .005

Quite a difference.

Anon, someone previously suggested inches gained per hour of PE would be more definitive. Example: 32 weeks of PE at 10 hours/week = 320 hrs. The person gained 1.5” length. 1.5 / 320 = 0.0047” per hour of PE. That is to say it is more effort related than time.

But PE is time related in my opinion. You can put all your effort into a single stretch and rip the thing off - and that’s no good. PE does take time, so time should be taken into account. Still, I suppose both are valid methods.

How does inches per hour not take time into account?

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Just re-read my post and it wasn’t very clear. Sorry.

It doesn’t take rest time into account. My routine includes off days, and this is where some of my growth takes place. So, I feel like I have to include this time in my measurements.

Of course, it depends on your view of PE - some people like DLD believe in a 7 on 0 off routine, where rest time does not come into account.

>It doesn’t take rest time into account.
Good point, however it doesn’t take into account the actual amount of work your way. So one month you could double the amount of rest days.
Maybe a complex form would work to complement, instead of gains per week, gains per hour week.

gains / hours per week X time in weeks

Bit like measuring acceleration I guess. So you have speed and acceleration :)

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Yeah, that’d do it. :)

Does anyone have benchmark to determine whether an individual is a fast or slow gainer? I have been PEing for approximately, 6 months now and I just hit the 1 inch mark in lenght. Most of my gains have come from Jelqing, ULIs and manual stretches. I go through my routine about 1 hour a day, 5 - 6 days a week. I started around 6.5BPEL and I have just hit the 7.5 mark. I have recently decided to get serious about hanging because I am starting to plateau and my gains are getting smaller. I have been hanging several days a week for the last 2 months or so. Would I be considered a fast gainer? After an inch my LOT is still around 10:00.


1st 4 weeks 0.28”/week

1st 8 weeks 0.16”/week

1st 26 weeks 0.07”/week

1st year 0.04”/week (including breaks)


Dont ask.

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