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Far infra red (FIR) products for faster recovery


Far infra red (FIR) products for faster recovery

Since reading about the benefits of far infra red for speeding up healing or recovery from injury and trying it myself with faster results from PE, I am convinced that it is the best addition to any routine:

Many TP members use infra red lamps to heat things up:…?products_id=77

There are many other Far infra red emitting devices and materials. My Thermotex wrist heating pad uses carbon elements which have become common in FIR saunas:

There are also bioceramics which when heated from your own body heat, emit (or reflect) far infra red rays without the need for electricity, this could be the ideal clothing for PEers:…ng/cat_267.html

There are even cosmetic creams with bioceramic particles:

What are your experiences with Far infra red?

How hot do these get compared to traditional infrared light. I guess the question is can these raise the tissue temp to the needed temperature of 104 degrees?

I doubt that the bioceramic materials can heat up so much but my Thermotex can for sure. I think that the bioceramic materials are probably good for accelerating “in between PE” healing.

Wearing bioceramic underwear with a waist attached ADS device might stimulate more cellular regeneration than without for example.

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How well does that Thermotex wrist pad fit on your schlong? It is AC, so you have to have it plugged in and can’t move around?

Originally Posted by Nostradongus

How well does that Thermotex wrist pad fit on your schlong? It is AC, so you have to have it plugged in and can’t move around?

It fits perfectly if you slide it over your penis attached to an extender. The heating element is quite rigid so it can be held in place on top of your cock by fitting it under your underwear elastic.

Yes you’re right, you can’t move around unfortunately, I haven’t found any similar portable devices yet.

I heard lately that some infrared rays are bad for the skin. Am I wrong?

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


Originally Posted by KinXXXize
I heard lately that some infrared rays are bad for the skin. Am I wrong?

Maybe not, when you apply heating pads like rice socks or electric heating pads directly to the skin it can cause problems like this:
the heat felt is obviously from somewhere in the infra red spectrum.

FAR infra red rays are safer since the heat isn’t just concentrated on the surface of the skin, the rays can penetrate several inches below the surface and “excite” all the cells in the penis so when you touch it, the heat seems to come from within.

I recently tried wearing my Thermotex for a full 3 hours on the high setting, my penis never felt too hot but certainly a few degrees above normal body temperature.

I know this thread is not the newest, but are there alternatives to the Thermotex? (I mean not the bioceramics stuff)
Thermotex does not ship to europe. :(

I would really like to heat my member for a longer time and the Thermotex would be perfect for that.

I have no idea if these things work.

I bought a waist wrap lined with the jade looking stones from amazon a few months ago.

I haven’t seen any positive or negative results.

Due to the short cord and a cooler High heat setting than a traditional heating pad,
I have switched back to the traditional heating pad.

I’m always looking for that miracle product that will show me growth.

Near Infrared vs Far Infrared

I saw this link recently after looking online for an infrared lamp for my PE routine. I can’t exactly vouch for the guy, but he sounds very thoughtful.

Near Infrared Versus Far Infrared Saunas:….%20FAR%20I.htm

Still haven’t made up my mind yet and bought an IR lamp, but I thought I would just shoot this up there. Infrared light is already used in all sorts of therapeutic situations, so I am pretty sure it could be used in some way with PE. If I remember correctly, some part of the IR spectrum actually affects collagen tissues in just the way a guy would want for his PE routine. I let this whole thing slide a few months back, but I would like to get on this sometime soon.

I believe the link contradicts the OP, so it would be great to get some opinions here.

I just hung with IR heat for the first time, it was amazing. Couldn’t ask for a better PE heat source. If you’re on the fence about getting an IR set up, do it now. No matter what form of PE you’re doing, this is the heat you want. I’ve read about it so many times on here and now I wish I had got one years ago.

I went with a normal near IR bulb from the hardware store and a clamp lamp rated up to 300W. Whole thing cost me $18 USD. So I say go with near IR. It’s cheaper than the $150 for a TDP lamp, and it works just as well for our purposes.

And regarding the OP on the topic of the PE effectiveness of far vs near IR. I have experienced a far IR TDP lamp during acupuncture sessions. And for PE purposes, I think once all the penile tissue is warmed through and through, that there’s not any more PE benefit to be had. Collagen deforms easier at higher temperatures. Once the whole penis is warmed up uniformly to that higher temperature, it doesn’t get any better for us. And I just got full uniform heat using the near IR lamp, hence why I say just go with the cheaper option.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

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And I just realized the OP is about FIR for recovery rather than FIR vs NIR for deformation.

I think heat is behind most of the mechanisms of the faster recovery rather than the specific wavelength that is generating that heat. The biggest factor being heat improves circulation which speeds recovery.

Apparently FIR is a better form of heat than the NIR. More tolerable to the body. Same benefits but less detriments. I’d have to try it to see, but I like my near IR lamp so much I don’t think I’ll bother.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Hey BD, I think it was in Blink2000’s Hanging thread that Bib himself says he had heard of guys actually cooking their dicks with infrared, so I believe there must be some danger possible.

The link that I posted is very clear that there are benefits for NIR over FIR for general therapeutic application. The reason apparently is that NIR penetrates deeper and can be directed easier. Of course, we PE’ers want HEAT directed at tissues of the penis, but I do believe that there are actual healing benefits at the cellular level for collagen tissue itself due to the actual TYPE of radiation to which they are exposed. Other TP’ers have posted on this and it is interesting stuff, but it’s been a while since I read those things.

Anyway, here is a question for you BD. You know that super easy stretch you get when you use a warm washcloth warmup? Are you saying that your NIR lamp gives you that easy stretch? That would be a kind of acid test for me if you could get that with your NIR setup.

The IR lamp (whether NIR or FIR) stands head and shoulders above all other forms of heat delivery for PE. It heats the tissue deeply, gradually, uniformly, never needs to be re-warmed, and doesn’t require any attention from the hands to keep it in place. It’s the gold standard of PE heat. It will be a whole new level of easy for your easy stretch.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Hello and sorry for my bad English !

I do use an IR lamp since i started PE and i also use it as a warm down. Do you think IR lamp is good as a warm down ?

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