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Eye Bolts in UK?

Eye Bolts in UK?

Anyone know fo a good place to get eye bolts in the London?

I have looked everywhere without any joy. I’m gonna give the stretcher a go.


I certainly live far away from you, but there might be some help for finding stuff you want in a thread about building a Captain’s Wench for the UK. The parts list of stuff will tell you some good English stores to go to. Also make sure that whatever term you get from this site might be more American biased in the form of language. If you print out a pic and show it to the hardware store employee they might call it some other name over there and easily find it for you. Weird shit like that has happened before with a build list of parts for other countries. You know Flashlight is hand torch, footpath is sidewalk, etc……..

I wish I could be more help, but hopefully someone from your neck of the woods can help you find it.

Best of luck,

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

London? Pretty much anywhere, but there used to be a good place in the Carnaby Street area.

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Try Yellow pages under ‘Fixings’ or ‘Bolt and Nut Stockists’. seem to do I think ‘shouldered eye bolts’ whatever that is.

Or do an internet search for eyebolts. Stay away from Google they are, in my opinion the worst of all the search sites. Lycos is pretty good.

There used to be an engineers supply etc at the top end of Tottenham Court Road, but it’s some years since I purchased there.



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