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Extreme Uli question

Extreme Uli question

How much pressure should I be using? I’m just starting extreme Ulis with the modification and I’m wondering how much pressure I should be using. I really can’t tell how much I should use. Right now as I write this, I’m wearing it, and as per instructions I wear it from 10-15 minutes, but absolutely no longer. But how much pressure? I’m able to handle quite a bit down there since I’ve been serious into PE for well over a year now.

Right now, I tighten it up just enough to where it hurts a LITTLE, not a lot, and the erection stays without me kegeling in more blood so I have a feeling it’s working. Is it supposed to hurt at all? How tight should the base hose clamp be? How tight for the cable clamp I put on the other areas of my dick during this exercize?

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks guys.

I´d Like to know about this too, where are your clampers ? :D

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I have been doing the Uli for only 3 weeks and I must say that the results are immediate. I’m definitely thicker where I can now barely touch my thumb to my middle finger. As far a pressure goes, I have to say that I start off moderate but as I move along in the session I slowly tighten the key more and more until my rim is full blown, like an umbrella. It can sometimes be a slight bit painful but I think you need a little pain to know the the tissue is being pushed past the point of comfort and into NEW growth. No pain, no gain and all that kind of thing. While in the Extreme Uli, I will slowly jelq, and I mean slow because that can really pop a vessel in your shaft if you are not careful. I have tried the pumps and stretchers but this Uli thing is the most obvious and natural way to go as far as PE.

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