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During my daily jelq session i started wondering what would happen if i did an multiple-hour jelq session, like three or four hours in a row. The longest ive jelqed was about an hour, but im starting to feel that i could go way beyond that. I feel stronger and it takes alot of jelqing to even get half as fatigued as i used to be.

I dont consider PE a race and i always keep on the safe side when doing my routines, but i cant stop wondering if it would beneficial or if it would be dangerous. Ive read Thermos post on overtraining, but the guy is on steroids, you cant really compare his results to “normal” PE’ers.

Id just like to get into that fatigued state where you can really feel the growth afterwards. Ive got to keep pushing this if i wanna reach my 8-inch goal. Anyone done such a session id like to hear about it.

Keep growing


Yeh I’ve heard of these extended type sessions….
I think that doing say 3 or 4 hours one day would probably majorly kick your growth into gear, so long as you take off SEVERAL rest days after it.. and then go back to a normal routine.

but I think these routines should only be used on say an extended platuea to jump start you back on track… they shouldn’t be used regularly, unless you’re really pushing for big gains quick. Although I don’t know how effective elongated sessions are for that either… anyone else actually tried one?

I think you'll fuck youraelf up!

Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear and it may be otherwise if you try, but remember…this is complicated vascular tissue your dealing with. I have done 1.5 hours long ago and it really stresses out the dick. Actually, an hour of jelqing + sqeezes. If you’ve got that kind of time on your hands (and dick), why not just break it up into a bunch of light sessions? At least you’ll minimize swell/lymph trauma and likely will be easier on both your hands and dick skin. Explaining this kind of RSI to a clinic would be the most hilarious case of carpal tunnel they ever heard! Seriously though, even the superficial shit like burst capilaries (little red spots) could become a major problem if carried to such a great extant. One effect I do recall from longer sessions is what I guess one could call biochemical overstressing/deficiency. Seems lots of the chem “stuff” and reactions associated/dependent on them tend to get all fuckered up on longer sessions. Almost as if there is a limit to how much “erecting” one can do at one sitting. Opinion only, but a rest in between sessions (call it a strange sort of refratory period) seems to be healthy for the dick and chemistry within. Proceed with vigilant observation if you do proceed in this direction. groa

This type of session is typically called a “shock routine”. There’s some info on this in the “best posts” forum over at peforums. I’ve never tried one of these, but I remember some guys going for a whole day, like 10 hours, taking breaks every 2 hours or so. I think the idea was to do at least 6 hours of ‘work’ time (the other 4 hours being rests), followed by several rest days.

It’s been a while since anyone’s talked about shock routines and I’m not sure whether anyone attributed any gains to them. I think UIStrike experimented with shock routines, but didn’t gain from them. They maybe useful for breaking plateaus. One thing’s for sure though, this should only be attempted by experienced PEers, and of course, with absolute caution.

Try searching for shock routines, read up on them, and if you have a go, let us know how it works out.

So when all else fails bust that standstill with one of these shock techniques. When i hit my plateau I will be sure to use it. thanks for the info. I will be sure not to until needed. It will be a secret weapon. TT

Actually i do feel quite fatigued after my 1 hour jelq session last night, and my morning boner broke my max measuring by 0.1 inch :)

Safe is best for now, but thanks for all the advise guys.

Kiwi, thanks it was just the response i was hoping for. Ill look into some of the older posts about shockroutines.

Groa, you may be right. Going for 1.5 hour at first, then 2, 2.5, 3 hours, gradually and safely building it up seems to me the safe way. The overstressing part your warning me against is what im talking about, thats the “state” im wondering about is beneficial or dangerous.

Secjay, twatteaser, agreed on the plateu, no need to take chances when youre growing fine. Itll definantly be my secret weapon too, its kinda nice to have an unplayed card when all else fails.

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