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Extreme clamping + colon mass?

Extreme clamping + colon mass?

I just had to have colon surgery for a benign mass in the colon called a lipoma. It seems I had read either on Thunders or Matter of Size a thread by someone who thought extreme clamping brought on this growth by cutting off the blood supply through clamping. I have had great success by clamping, and don’t want to stop, but I definitely do not want to go through something like this again. My question is whether cutting off the blood supply for extended periods could cause an irritation in the colon and cause a growth like this. Does anyone else remember reading a thread of someone with the same concern? If there are any medical people on this site, I would deeply appreciate an answer. Thanks!

Wow, I have wondered that exact same thing to. The have had some constipation issues and the doctor told me I have IBs, but I was curious as to whether clamping might have done something. How did you find out if you had the lipoma? Could the doctor tell by putting his finger…..up there?

I just can’t imagine how clamping and decreased penile blood flow would have any connection at all to the colon. There’s no direct link that I’m aware of.

(I’m not a physician, but I am one of the people around here who routinely answers medical questions.)

I don’t think the existence of a lipoma has any connection to blood flow. I had a lipoma on the back of my head a few years ago. The doctors did not recommend excision because it wasn’t doing anything, but I wanted to get rid of it and had it removed. But I had a very active lifestyle and there was plenty of blood flow to my head. Sorry I haven’t seen the thread you refer to, and don’t recall it, but try the search button, rop right corner of every page. I wouldn’t expect an overwhelming number of hits if you just search for “lipoma”.

Physiologically, I can see no possible connection between clamping and any problems with the colon.

I am not a medical doctor but I have a fair grasp of anatomy and physiology.

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