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Exposing Dr. Lin

Excellent work, West. I see this thread was started a year and a half ago, and this is the first time I’ve come across it. I wonder how many other gems are buried here at Thunder’s.

Thanks for the response, mem. I don’t know what gems I’m looking for. I figure there are lots more here where someone has given a good deal of time and thought to things I haven’t even thought about yet. I appreciate the time and effort that West put into this thread.

West has a habit of putting most of the rest of us to shame on the time/effort front :)

Whenever I see a favorites button on someones posts, I click it to see what threads they think are important.

Some people have a single thread, others like stevie31 are a little more intense.

The other thing you can do is organise forum display by views,rating, or replies by clicking on the column title. This is another good way to find interesting threads but it does have a a habit of missing out the older gems which haven’t been bumped recently.

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Originally Posted by Gottagrow
Westla, you have really been slaving over this one. Lin is certainly a con man. Some of the things he says are useful, like the free information on how to stop ejaculation and shut the nerve to the penis off temporarily, to stop excitment so that sex can go on for hours without ejaculation. I know that works because I tried it but I believe he just stole the literature from a good sexual taoist book. I don’t believe he has any bioscience qualifications or deep understanding of taoism either. He’s just a con man pushing pills. I would like to know which books he stole his taoist information from though because some of it is fantastic. Although it has been mixed up with his utter drivel.

Tell me more about that nerve thing. Or anybody please.

Alright I’m a newbie hardcore, I’ve been doing PE stuff my self very lightly for maybe a couple months and no schedule whatsoever, until I gained 1/4 and inch and got me up to 7.5, and then I was sold and found this site. But my question refers to Dr. Lin, and if any one could answer it, that would be great. I used to work my PC muscle and hold it, and it got notably stronger, but I read from Dr. Lin that working the PC muscle actually makes you cum faster, and I think this is true, but am not sure. I know when you hold it during sex you come quicker, and I think that I would begin to clench my PC muscle just on instict, and it would make me come faster. I found that the kegals were doing wonders, but I feared that they were causing me to finnish quicker so I stopped them, if any one knows about this .. Please tell me!! THANKS!


search on this site for edging, ballooning and kegels - there are a lot of threads on the subject that discuss this topic in detail. Some people say that tensing the BC makes them come faster, others say that clamping down with the BC keeps them from coming and so on.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by deeznuts
I have .. Sort of. Not the kegeling itself, but I developed a nasty little side effect. I started kegeling years ago (before I knew P.E., blame it on playboy advisor). One effect I noticed it had was when I kegeled during stimulation, I noticed it made the sensation stronger and ejaculation faster. So I squeezed whenever I needed to cum fast, people coming home, girl getting sore, etc. Well I started to do it during masturbation as well, to speed it up, since I only masturbate for the happy ending.

Now, whenever my head gets stimulated, no matter what situation, my BC muscle automatically contracts. I can’t control it. It’s not even during sex or masturbation. If I’m lying on my stomach and my head gets rubbed it contracts. Sitting in a chair at work and it rubs against my pants or leg it contracts. The downside to this all? I developed premature ejaculation. I’m talking about, sometimes feeling like ejaculation as soon as I enter the vagina. It’s frustrating.

I’ve got two solutions. One, learn male multiple orgasms and just forget about it. The second, a controlled masturbation routine, where I stimulate my head and do a reverse kegel to prevent the kegel. I hope after maybe a couple months it’ll learn not to flex automatically.

This is exactly what happened to me! Ugh

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And besides: I _think_ I first ended up on Dr. Lin’s site(s) and finally got a links page (with the obnoxious link).. Which in turn had a link for TP where my quest finally ended :)
So even if he’s a quack he surely was part of my way to the wisdom and knowledge that is TP ;)

The original post could point some more people _more directly_ to TP without having to take my detour(s) so
thank you westla :)

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That actionlove website is a complete disaster. Does anybody actually read that and believe what is in there??!!!

Apparently, they do. Or else Lin keeps himself busy writing questions and answering them.

That fucker Lin caused me to doubt PE for several weeks. But that problem was solved long ago. :worthy:

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

Westla thanks for your thread as exposing Dr.lin

Truly I was emailing Dr.lin for some reasons and he always replied quickly answers and asked me to take some herbs But he never asked me to order from him ,

For me his instructions and details what ever he wrote to me was very helpful ,

I tried his chikong exercise for a while too ,

If he is fraud why he is allowed to post herbs from state’s why no body took action on him ,

I am looking for his cd book with some movies for tips so I can tell when I see his cd book ,

I know some one have bought his cd book so if he upload here or some where else so we can read and decide how much he is true in his words .

And I request the guys who live in Boston USA to check Dr.Lin by visiting or asking people about him and the treatments , sure he has clinic in Boston .

Looking forward to get details on this topic .

Thanks to all


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