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Exposing Dr. Lin

Shouldn’t this be on list of Recent Articles?

regards, mgus

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Ok I also have been reading Dr. Lin’s site for awhile and used his ballooning method and PE. I have grown 1/4” in about 2 months. I don’t know if it’s just the PE or not but oh well he’s a quack. Anyways, besides the one person that used the orgasm methods Dr Lin talked about did anyone else try his 3 point orgasm method and other?

I just looked at his site (assuming its the same one with nasty green first page) for the last two days, i noticed what you pointed out westla and was just going to ask a question about this jackass, looks like its answerd before i asked.excellent. he can really screw your mind if you read in to his stuff.

By the way westla, are you in the medical profession , just out of curiosity?


Excellent intelligent thread. Those are pretty good medical credentials.

Why don’t you start your own PE site to lend some honest, medical profession data? Or maybe you’ve already done that here at Thunders. I’ll look.


We have several members who are physicians, and a few other nurses, plus various others who could be considered “in the medical profession.” I try to make it clear that I’m not a doctor, but I do know anatomy and physiology and try to limit my “advice” to those subjects. Thanks for the kind words.

Wow! Great job westla90069, :up: :up:

Moderators here are great !

I’ve learnt a lot lately…

Best regards,

daBoogies :boogie:

Nice post. I agree with mostly everything you said.

On a lighter note, isn’t the quality of that site horrendous? It’s so poorly organized and his english is shoddy. I have problems just navigating on there. One of the weirder sites I’ve come across on the internet.

Any “Dr.” that recommends having sex with a dog should be put in jail. He says that it prevents the “urinary incontinence” (female ejaculation) because the dog’s penis is hotter than a human’s.

There are also several other cases on his site that deal with intercourse with a dog. (bottom of the page)


My signature is cooler than yours.

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The crazy bitch:

“….The dog fucked me for about thirty minutes each time until he was absolutely exausted. The dogs seman ran out of me constantly while he was fucking me and for about three minutes after he withdrew his penis. I had multiple orgasms that were felt at the clitoris and deep in my epicenter. My husband measured the length of the dogs penis from the tip, in all I was able to take his entire ten inches. That is from the tip to two inches behind the bulb. I was soooo turned on and it felt terrific. The dog spent quite awhile licking my inner and outer lips and clitoris. The sensation was awesome and opened my vagina wide for the penetration. His penis not only penetrated me to the depth of 10 inches but my husband measured the circumference at four inches. It was such a turn on to see that huge penis before it entered me. It took a little while for me to take it all but I was so horny just seeing it going in me that it didn’t take long at all! It was a great coupling and my multiple orgasms were beyond great. My husband was wonderful helping me and the dog hook up…..”

“Doctor” Lin:

“Generally, a high temperature penis and semen can trigger multiple orgasms. The hot semen flow, like a lava flow, can trigger multiple orgasms for women.
The first orgasm is located at Epicenter, deep inside the vagina between the bladder and cervix, under the stimulation of the hot glans and semen; the 2nd orgasm is around the G-spot due to the outflow of semen; the 3rd one is near the vaginal orifice and urethral nervous endings when the hot semen reaches the nervous endings of the vagina/urethra and the penis still gently thrusts the vagina in and out.
The dog body temperature with 3 degrees higher than the human body has this advantage.
With a 10 inches long and a 4 inches wide bulb having a 101 degrees heat, the dog penis can let your volcano to explode with a gentle thrust.
As long as your husband agrees to let you enjoy the dog sexual orgasm therapy, there is nothing wrong. In fact, it may give you a positively benefit for urinary and bladder control since the high temperature penis and semen can promote pelvic blood circulation and the prostaglandin E-1 production in your urethra, vagina, cervix, bladder and uterus. I believe, sooner or later, the medical society will “discover” this new treatment for female urinary and bowel incontinence with dog sex. It is more powerful than other drug treatments or the so-called bio-feedback vaginal insertion device. The dog penis and semen are the optimal heating device (3 degrees higher than the human body temperature) and prostaglandin E-1 stimulator.”

Other than this sounding like one of the most disgusting things possible……,

I don’t believe any dog alive has a 10x4. And they certainly don’t have that kind of control…..

Sounds made up to me.

“Generally, a high temperature penis and semen can trigger multiple orgasms. The hot semen flow, like a lava flow, can trigger multiple orgasms for women.”

Lave flows trigger multiple orgasms?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

it’s like shooting ducks in a barrel :)

I knew this guy was whacked, I didn’t know he was a fecking sicko too. No guys, don't kegel, but sure, have your dog boff your wife, it’s good for her.

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Maybe everyone who sifted through Lin’s bs should start a new thread here and put all the techniques and exercises that do work. Then no one else will have to bother listening to that quack ramble on and on and on and on.


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