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Exposing Dr. Lin

Originally Posted by sinichi
Has anybody ever had any negative effects through kegel exercises like it’s claimed on his site? Not that I believe it cause it’s on his site just in general, any negative effects through kegeling?

I have … sort of. Not the kegeling itself, but I developed a nasty little side effect. I started kegeling years ago (before I knew P.E., blame it on playboy advisor). One effect I noticed it had was when I kegeled during stimulation, I noticed it made the sensation stronger and ejaculation faster. So I squeezed whenever I needed to cum fast, people coming home, girl getting sore, etc. Well I started to do it during masturbation as well, to speed it up, since I only masturbate for the happy ending.

Now, whenever my head gets stimulated, no matter what situation, my BC muscle automatically contracts. I can’t control it. Its not even during sex or masturbation. If I’m lying on my stomach and my head gets rubbed it contracts. Sitting in a chair at work and it rubs against my pants or leg it contracts. The downside to this all? I developed premature ejaculation. I’m talking about, sometimes feeling like ejaculation as soon as I enter the vagina. It’s frustrating.

I’ve got two solutions. One, learn male multiple orgasms and just forget about it. The second, a controlled masturbation routine, where I stimulate my head and do a reverse kegel to prevent the kegel. I hope after maybe a couple months it’ll learn not to flex automatically.

Interesting, sorry, I wonder if there are other men here with the same problem. Could someone start a thread about it? I can’t do that yet, guess I’m too new.

Holy crap…WTF?

“His dog gave his wife sexual orgasms again and again. How can he emulate the dog sex to give her the same sexual orgasm as his dog did”


Dog with 9” penis….MWAAAAHAAAHAAAHAHAHA!!!!!

How dog get bigger penis with no hands for jelqing? Take Doc Lin’s K-9 penis formula for only $39.95/bottle! Got dry/oily fur? dog breath? No problem! Doc Lin got pills for that too!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I finally found out what his PhD for building bridges has to do with his site:

“Dr. Lin bridges the Eastern Taoism Sexuality and the Western Engineering Science.”

“your seminal vesicles and prostate will produce more semen and boil it due to the burning of androgen hormone and neurochemicals down there. She will experience a powerful Level -7 orgasm upon a shooting of your hot semen into her Epicenter/cervix. Her whole body will shake out of control and even become numbed; her brain may be blacken out; and her mind will totally blow away…

The dog can be trained as a sex maniac, but he will experience sexual exhaustion like us human beings. I don’t know if this can constitute dog/animal sexual abuse !.”

I do. Comedy Central that place, jeeez.

I spent hours reading Dr.Lin’s site after I found it 4 years ago, I agree that there is a lot of Bulls**t written there, however thanks to him, I became a much better lover, his advice on orgasms all worked for me and my girlfriend.
On the other hand I have been ballooning irregularly for 4 years with insignificant results (I did learn to control my ejaculations with his anal shikong breathing technique thankfully)
I also tried his supplements too, I found that they worked at least as well as the Virility pills that I had previously tried to give ultra hard boners, I didn’t notice any size increase however.

If you can cut through the bulls**t, try some of his suggestions, when your girlfriend has one of those level-7 orgasms she will do anything for you in order to have another one!!

Thanks for that information westla, must of took a lot of work.

I’ve said before that Lin does have a few, only a few, good ideas. Most of which is old Chinese medicine anyway.

It’s how he presents them with mumbo jumbo terms to make himself sound more important that bothered me the most. Plus, I had problems when he makes the sales pitch for his supplements after giving his advice. Guys who don’t know better figure the “doc” knows what he’s talking about and they’d better get those supp’s so their problems will go away. We didn’t want our members to be in that group.

The time involved was worth it. Thanks!

I spent days reading all the postings in Dr. Lin site, and got some pretty good ideas by managing to cut through the bull. At that time I was looking for answers to my gradual lack of erectile power and morning wood. I was desperate…anything would have convinced me to try some of his “magic” pills and was about to write him for some “advice” . I was very lucky somehow to find Thunder’s Forum through a posting in his website and discovered Tom’s ballzinger post. It changed my life drastically. So, in all fairness, I must thank Dr. Lin for all the fun filled literature provided for all to judge. By reading all his “out of this world” advice, I recovered my sexual health without having to buy a single pill.

:sheepdo: BALLZINGER :sheepdo: :sheepdo:

Dedicated to Building the Perfect Zinger!


Thank you very much for your time! I bookmarked a while ago one of Lin’s sites, but I was growing more and more suspicious about him. Now I understand why. Yes, he mixes bullshit and some recycled info. Thanks again.

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West, Thanks for this great post. It’s funny, I was reading Dr. Lin’s site for a while this morning and almost ordered some of his supplements. I decided against it, and headed over to Thunders Place. Your thread happened to be in the “Latest Posts” window, so I quickly read it. Thank You! You have undoubtedly saved me from wasting money on this quack. Great Post!

Thanks for your replies guys.

I, too, was looking over his website and wondering about his trashing of PEing and kegeling. It was good fortune to read your post and others for reassurance.

Thanks, Westla.

Cerebrospinal spinal fluid depletion after ejaculation? WTF even the circulatory system can’t just enter the nervous system because of the blood barriers it has so how can you “deplete” CSF? You’d have a spinal headache first before dying. LOLz what a fraud.

Hemodilation… Weslta I’m having fun looking at his PM’s. I’m a student nurse and hemodilation would literary mean “blood expanding” which is non existent. Vasodilation on the other had exists. This is fun, I’m using my head above, not the one below. Lolz

Edit: Look at all those medical terms. I’m printing those PM’s so I can have a copy to make me laugh when I’m blue.

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

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