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Exposing Dr. Lin

I agree with you 100%. Lin is a quak. I’m really suprised to learn that he has a PhD in Civil Engineering!! After all that rigorous study dealing with facts and physical laws, how can this guy turn to being such a con???????!!!!! riddick81


I had bookmarked that site about 2 weeks ago just in case I had any problems PEing. I’m glad to hear he really doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Originally Posted by westla90069
All below from:
Dear Dr. Lin, I have been practicing your ballooning method since 1998. I went from 5 inches to 7 inches. Then you told me I have probably reached my full potential, that my foreskin was limiting me, which I believe is correct. I emailed you asking about a traction device to grow the foreskin back to enlarge more, I’m doing that now. If I use a traction device to make my penis bigger, could that help me regrow hair due to the ability to hold more DHT in the penis? Is it possible that my penis is too small to hold all of the DHT? At the moment I can hold erections for 1-2 hours, but I’m still not regrowing any hair? I would grow my penis up to 10 inches if I thought it would grow hair on my head? I was thinking of using some of your vitamins.

I suspect he was doing more than ballooning. Extended erection time, by itself, isn’t known to cause two inches of growth. He must have been doing something else or didn’t measure correctly. I did not look for the original on the highlighted text, but this fellow obviously got the idea from Lin that the penis could be a place to “store” DHT and take it away from the scalp thus allowing his hair to grow.

I agree he was probably doing something else in addition but I would describe my gains in a similar way so I wouldnt be able to dismiss that part of the question/statement myself.

However MR Lin does seem to make up alot of what he says, like science fiction?

Originally Posted by InPEweTrust

…I would describe my gains in a similar way so I wouldnt be able to dismiss that part of the question/statement myself.

Others agree: Sweet rewards - balloning works

Originally Posted by westla90069
All below from:
The thermodynamic 2nd law implies that your normal, “annual” recovery rate is about 99% provided that you lose about 25% of your sexual power in your 45 (in your midlife transition) in comparing to your sexual power in your 15 (the puberty peak).

:D Damn! That’s too funny!
BTW, Newton’s first law implies that the distance you are able to shoot your sperm is
exactly = (78% of the age of your mother)/(1.4487349*Pi*sqrt(3.55))*(your bpel).

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Thanks west, for exposing this very dangerous charlatan. Who with out your efforts may have caused our members lots of pain and discomfort. You are indeed a very deep person who strives to eradicate all false and misleading advertising. A job well done sir.

Hmmmm….isn’t this the same guy who recommended ejaculating less than once a week or somesuch based on age?

That seems just a little whacked…I’d explode if I came once every 4-5 days let alone over a week; mind you, it seems like an interesting experiment but I’ve had great sex w/a 101 degree fever. And what would the benefits be to not ejaculating?

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Great job!!! Thanks for supplying the forum with info like that.There’s enough shit out on the Net already, so having you exposing one of them might aid others.

Hat’s off….

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Good job westla. I knew he was a crock by the way he has all of those shameless plugs in his “scientific medical writings” but I didn’t have the balls to argue against his stuff.

First of all, there are so many corrupt people making so much money on these sexual topics, I think you really deserve to, and could well, live on compromising them. You did a great job.
I just got here through searching for posts about Mr. Lin’s site because some of his stuff really made me wonder if he was sober. Most results of google were positive statements about him like “wow I didn’t know that”.

I got to his site through google because I wanted to know more about the developement of your organs while living as a monk (I’m planning to become a monk next year).
I didn’t get that it was all about selling his weird products right at the beginning because he talked about the diamond like stones, that can’t be burned, that come up if you hold back your semen for your whole live and most of the info was stuff I had read about before. I guess he had it from chinese books and just translated it.
My problem is that some of the stuff he babbled about is true and unknown by many reputable Western doctors and I can’t find any other useful sources for the topic. For example I didn’t worry about not having ejaculated in nearly a year (sleeping excluded) but on his site he described it as unhealthy or in his words “if you don’t want to become a monk you need to ejaculate once a week”, “you can’t turn back” or something like that. Now I wonder if it’s true that it’s not possible to have sex like you did before you became a monk. I know of many young asian men who were temporary monks for about 3-5 years and then went back to society which is kind of what I’m planning, too but his weird site and dangerous half-knowledge scared me a bit. Any thoughts? Thank you very much.

Excuse me for being so straignt: Dr. Lin is a bitch. I´ve read about him. I know it for sure. Everything about it (or him) is pure b.s.


Welcome to the forum.

I have read of examples of several monks who’ve abstained for a number of years and later had children. I’ve also read of monks being susceptible to wet dreams so I assume the body adapts to the situation but you’ll have to wait for one of the guys who know more about the reproductive mechanisms for a definitive answer.

Has anybody ever had any negative effects through kegel exercises like it’s claimed on his site? Not that I believe it cause it’s on his site just in general, any negative effects through kegeling?

Your thorough analysis of Dr. Lin’s “know all, cure all” quakery is right on target. His guy may be a Doctor of Civil Engineering; if so, he should stay with THAT practice! This bumbo-gumbo he dishes out about the penis, semen, ejaculation, etc. is a big losd of BS! Of course, he is making big dollars pedaling this crap. Riddick81


Thanks for that awesome post , Westla! As an MD, I had to laugh out loud at his theory that semen is derived from CSF!! If that was true, at the rate I jack off, I would have no CSF left!


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