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Why are Girth Increases so tough for many guys?

Some guys, content with length but desperate for girth, have done jelq-only routines….only to gain more length (and little if any girth). Other guys, seeking length like myself, have stretched & stretched & stretched….but seem to gain only more girth.

Great thread Wadzilla! I am a little bit late, haven’t been on Thunders for some time. I just want to say that when I look back at my PE history it was easy for me to gain girth. Not that I have some enormous girth, but it seems it was easy for me. I remember that when I first started with PeniMaster(it was my first PE activity-no “newbie routines”) my first gains where in girth department. Could you believe it? PeniMaster giving girth! :)

I also gained in length thanks to PeniMaster, but to be honest I have not seen that much of flaccid gains. I think I got bigger in erect more. So I am kind of in “strange cases” department:

-gains easy girth/hard on length
-gained more erect than flaccid(proportionally)
(my flaccid has been always small so I have to have big elasticity I think)