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Experiment participants



Hey, thanks Thunder.

I haven’t read a thing, just arrived :)

Seems like a nice forum, though, I’ll slowly read and browse a bit as I get time.


this may be what i need

I actually took time to read up about the “experiment”, and now I’m glad I did.

I must be honest, I have had great gains from doing longer workouts in the past. The problem is, I haven’t had the time or privacy to continue with the routine that I have grown to love. So, no gains for me for a while.

Now that I’ve read about this experiment, I think this may be worth trying. I actually only have about 35 minutes of private time in the morning on weekdays (and I gotta throw in a shower, shave and occasionally breakfast). On weekends, private time is non-existant. But I do have some control over my diet, that is where I need the most work.

So I will try the good diet/short, intense workout approach. I’ll keep you guys posted.


Hey, Thunder

Am I thick (of skull) ?

Sorry but I can’t find where to read about the experiment.

I’m going to continue with my regime of hanging and two handed jelq\ulis for some time, but I wouldn’t mind reading about it and what you guys say about it….especially if there are shorter methods.

(We don’t like that word — shorter— unless it’s used to refer to “saving time”) .


Should see it now...

Hey P8,

You should be able to view and post in the Experiment Forum now.

This experiment was a good idea but suffered from lack of participation and some type of protocol. There seems to be some interest in doing another one now that this one is over (for me at least).

Maybe we can start another one soon.

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January 1st

I already got my work cut out after I’m finished with this one here. I’m gonna combine my newly gained experience with older stuff and see where that leads me to. I will post a detailed summary of what I learned during this experiment, in terms of supps, exercises and rest days, some time next week.

I was thinking giving a few weeks to relax and start a new Project on January 1st, after all the Holidays. If you’d like to participate, sign up now and we all can work out the details a little bit ahead of time. Thunder, what do you think?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Jan 2nd it is....


You’re right. We should start after everyone has sobered up and got rid of any hang-overs, incl. me :) I think those Projects/Experiments are an enormous encouragement to work out or to keep exercising.

Okay, so what do you have in mind?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Count me in

Please include me in the experiment.

Thank you


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