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experiment idea

experiment idea

If a mod feels this should go a different area go ahead and move it, I just figured more people with ideas on this will see it here in the main section. So anyway as some of you may know I enjoy experimenting for the sake of learning. To be honest that’s more why I’m here then to get a big dick. I like to learn. Someone my have tried this already but my thought is to combine Befar with pumping. For those that don’t know Befar is a topical PGE-1. The reason for this would be I think pumping on a rock hard erection is the only real productive way to pump. But I can not keep a rock hard erection for very long one I start, there is just noting sexually stimulating about it. With the Befar I feel I could apply it and get the rock hard erection and then pump very very low like 2 to 3 Hg then the internal pressure on the CC would be 100% and the pump would allow for an over fill much more efficiently. Any thoughts on this? I don’t have the Befar yet to try it but should soon. I may give it a shot and see how it goes. Comment appreciated.

Wouldn’t watching porn be easier?

That would seem like an easier option but porn doesn’t realy get me going that much unless I’m watching with someone. As woman like as this is I need more mental turn on then most men I think. I have a great imagination and can get rock hard with that but when I’m also thinking about the pressure and how I should do this or that durring it then I lose the mental part. Plus I won’t lie, I like to do experiments and this seems interesting.

How are you going to buy it? Do you know it is supposed to be injected into the urethra?

Thanks to my line of work I have access to almost anything I would ever be interested in trying even new stuff that won’t be out for a few years like PT-141 got to try that soon and see if its just hype. But anyway its not injected its a cream that you apply the urethra. Thanks for the post. Wow 2 of the 4 people I was hoping would comment have already. It just seems to me that the people that make the best gains are the ones that really like the feeling so probably stay 100% hard. I remember reading advocate8 say how he ejaculated in the tube the first time and well if you can’t stop from that staying hard must not be an issue. I could never do that from pumping, doesn’t feel that good to me at least not sexually

Why not just use cialis.

Thats what I do.

Every other day,and I remain hard.

And it’s easier to get hard to get in the tube.

Otherwise I really need to work it to get it up there and can’t keep a good erection in the tube either.

Porn is boring to me, so that doesnt work.

Every once in a while I see a good one, but soon I get bored with it.

But cialis is pretty easy to get online.

Anyways, that’s my prefered method.


What site are you using now to buy your cialis? There are so many to choose from, it would be nice to be able to select one that works well.

Befar sounds like a great idea. I have researched this, but found the befar was very expensive per dose, had a short shelf life and had to be refrigerated. (I don’t want to explain to my SO why I have tubes of cream in my frig). Did you find a way around these problems?. Also, from the studies I’ve read, it can sting a little. Urethra irritation was one of the side effects I read about.

Gonabebig: You sound like a pharmacutical rep. Good for you if you are. Please post your links for the befar and the P141. I am like you. No porn in the tube.

To the guys who posted here. Is there really any advantage to maintaining a rock hard erection in the tube. Avocet, the king of pumping, I dont believe states it is a necessity. Am I wrong. Avocet states you can go in erect or flaccid. Once I get into the tube, my dick continues to expand (going in hard). When I come out it is a big floppy. Is that not characteristic of pumping?

I believe it is best to go in the tube as hard as you can. My Reason: I have tried it both ways. By going in hard, I can have three short pumping sessions of about 10 minutes each at level 5. Going in hard, after session three, my dick is much bigger in my hand and I am filling up the tube before I end the session. It is not that way when I go into the tube flaccid. What have you guys noticed if you are rock hard in the tube the whole time you are in there? Thanks for helping an older guy.

I’m not a rep, more on the research side of things but can’t go in to anymore detail. To answer the cost and storage questions. Yes it will need to be cold but my way around that is easy, I do so may different experiments with strange looking stuff that I could have about anything anywhere and no one that knows me would think to question it. As far as cost goes I think that its about $2 per dose for me to. As far as the burning feeling I don’t know. The research things I read said it wasn’t bad enough to make the people stop using it so I hope its not bad. I think that staying hard in the tube makes the pumping session work better and not just fluid build up. The best pump I ever got was a time that I was so horny that I was rock hard most of the day, after that session of only 10min all day I had a bit over .5in girth increase. With staying hard you have 100% normal outward pressure on the cc and then you have an out side force pulling out that would make you require a lower pumping pressure to get the same expansion. This is what it seems to me anyway if I’m incorrect in any of my though someone please let me know why. Sorry for the long post, I tend to be long winded :)

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