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Experiment at Work

Experiment at Work

The office I work in is fairly conservative, and filled with educated men & women. I’ve been there for about 5 years and everyone knows I’m married. I should also add that the women there, for the most part, pretty much ignore me - especially the younger ones.

Well, I wanted to try an experiment.

This morning I was talking to another guy in the office - loud enough for 2 women nearby to hear me, but low enough so that it seemed like I didn’t want them to hear me (we have to watch for any semblance of sexual harrassment, etc., insensitivity, blah, blah, blah). Anyway, I was talking in a pseudo-hushed tone to another guy, about 8 feet away from 2 female blabbermouths. I said….

“Ken, I just found out about Trojan Double-X Magnums. Damn, now I can finally wear a condom.”

And he said something like, “Oh, yeah, hadn’t you heard about them?”

And I said, “No, and regular condoms are impossible for me to wear.”

Well, well, well. Now the women all grin when they see me, some blush; I’ve even caught one studying my crotch. Another woman started calling me “Double X.” And a woman in her late 50’s was giggling & saying to me, “Awwwww, I heard about your ‘problem’.”

And these are educated women. Amazing how I’m suddenly a popular guy - after 5 years - just by intimating that I have a huge beef rod.

Some of these women have master’s degrees, yet the thought that I’m swinging a pussy-splitter has their pissflaps itching & lathering. You should see them, giddy like adolescents. At first it was kinda funny, now I’m actually disgusted.

Any other thoughts about size mattering?

Got to hand it to you for trying something way out there. I wouldn’t have done anything like that at work.

Was the other guy in on the “joke”?

Tks for sharing that Wadzilla. And some would lead us to believe that “baseball” was America’s favorite past time. Any comments from some of the guys around the office? If so turn them on to Thundersplace.

Hey, Wadzilla, you can be secure in the fact that every female there is having a horny and wet dream about you now! :D

The Power of Suggestion at work! :)

You are now their Love Stud! :D

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

Lighten up Wadzilla. Haven’t you yourself admitted that women want a big one? I think that was your sentiment in the other thread about size matters.

So if you already knew that it was important to them, why are you surprised that they have gone all teenage on you?

I would have thought that was to be expected… :)

btw, guys do this anyway, when a new girl joins the office group, and she is a looker with huge knockers, the guys are all drooling over her. Even when they talk to her and find out she has a walnut for a brain, they still act the same.

I propose that the people in your office could not percieve that sexual thing about you (the rumour) and so judged you for what they experienced on the outside… this would be the same as a pretty stupid girl wearing all over covering clothes etc and going for a job. If she is a bright person qualified for the job, she might still not get it in preference for a better looking gal.

It is sad, I’ll agree, but a true aspect of human nature.

I also have similar observations. I am 100% sure that size does matter. Although I am a married man (36 yrs old), I have many young girls around me in the office. One of them told me to not to wear the pant that I like the most, cause it was not good looking on me, that’s what she said. But the main reason was that my flaccid unit was really apparent when wearing that pant( 5”+ post PE). I have relatively big hands, feet and a bit long nose, I think these factors also contribute to the image that I have on their minds. But it is a wonderful feeling. I always believed that a large penis is always a symbol of power and health.

Soon to be 9''.

WZ, just think about all of the women who get special treatment because of their mammoth Ta-Tas. It’s pretty much the same thing in reverse, it’s just that before, they coudn’t really tell conclusively if you were packing or not, as opposed to men checking out breasts. Deep down we’re all animals with animal instincts, it’s just the way the body works.

Yeah, I always knew that size mattered, I guess I didn’t expect to see a bunch of “conservative” educated women act that way - especially since we sometimes get memos warning employees about “inappropriate behavior & speech,” etc. - I guess that’s a double-standard.

It will die down soon - or I’ll file a complaint <sigh>.

One more thing….my wife, who is a nurse, is really starting to get suspicious. I think she no longer believes the excuses I’ve given her about why my weewee “seems bigger” (I told her better circulation since I quit smoking - 14 months ago - also better diet, cut salt intake, doing kegels, lost some weight, etc.). I said, Well, what do YOU think it is?? She just kept looking at me. I told her that if she thinks I have “one of those penis pump things” to search the house. I acted rather annoyed, lol.

I just know that if I tell her I’ve spent the past 9 months squeezing & stretching my yo-yo, it’s going to lead to a fight (considering there were times that she felt pain during sex - when she wasn’t lubed enough - and even had some post-coital bleeding a couple times).

Don’t get me wrong, sex is usually much better for us now. But she’s an uptight Italian Catholic who NEVER talks about sex. She would never understand why, and would be convinced I’m doing this for other women.

Maybe when I hit my goal I can tell her “after the fact.” Then she’ll see that I didn’t do it for anyone else.


Other than being suspicious of your bigger weewee, how does she react to it? She must have some reaction to your 64% increase. ;)

WZ, your last post made me laugh so much! Just at the bit where you talk about stretching your yo-yo.


Thought I would share a similar-ish story with ya:

Was on the subway the other day, and there were no seats so I had to stand. Standing means that my crotch is approximately at eye-level to those seated. While listening to my MP3 player, I caught a few galnces at my package, so I put it on pause so I was less oblivious to what was going on around me (while the other people still thought that I was listening).

Anyway, I realised that there were 3 (!!!) conversations going on about my cock!!!

One from a pair of middle-aged women who were blatantly looking and giggling.

One from a girl pointing it out to her boyfriend who then looked pissed :chuckle:

One between a group of teenage girls who were looking rather excited :thumbs:

Found it a little embarrasing actually, but its good to know that size obviously is an issue, and does attract attention.


How big are you flaccid and want kind of underwear and trousers did you wear at the occasion?


I usually hang around 5.75” flacid. I always wear fairly loose underwear and baggy pants for comfort. I find the baggy pants let my package bulge, and don’t ‘squash’ it like tighter pants.

Originally posted by MDC


Other than being suspicious of your bigger weewee, how does she react to it? She must have some reaction to your 64% increase. ;)

Oh yeah, she gets off strongly. As long as we have the time for ample foreplay, and we get into it slowly, it’s a lot more intense, there’s sort of a deep suction feeling now.

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