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Experienced clamping veterans only; please.


Experienced clamping veterans only; please.

Here is my situation, I’ve been clamping for many months now and learning how my unit responds to various clamping tensions. I’ve discovered that doing 3 sets of 10 minutes with the clamp in moderate force produced some small gains in the beginning. Later on, gains of such nature have came to a halt.
I’ve stumbled upon the idea of pushing the clamp as close to the pubic bone as possible and tightening it where the penis becomes rock hard; a totally different experience that I had ever seen before.

I started gaining pretty good after this, but discoloration is now horrible, and I’ve taken a break. It’s fading some now so I am glad about that. Anyhow, my question is this. Have any of you gained by not pushing it down to the pelvic bone to get that hardcore erection? If this is the way to gain with clamping, I don’t want to make my unit look like it’s a different race then the rest of me. Are continued gains possible with lower pressure clamping?
Thanks guys.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

I always push the clamp as close to the bone as possible on a good erection, that way I can get maximum expansion at moderate pressure and in so doing, prevent significant discoloration. Your penis should be rock hard all the way up anyway - are you edging throughout the session?

If your old technique worked up to a point, perhaps stick to that and add another set or up the time in the clamp to 12-15 mins max?

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I do edge while clamping, but by pushing the clamp down to the bone the penis really swells and always causes mass discoloration. What really sucks about it is that there is a line on my penis where the clamp is; this leaves a small are around the base of my penis that is the original color.

It seems to me that if you push it down and lock it where the unit swells up hard, that this is not lightly clamping because the intense pressure is what makes the unit swell; but maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know.
I can use this technique for about 1 minute and after that, discoloration sets in. I think mine may be permanent, though it has faded some. I see no way I could leave it this way for 10 minutes without making my unit black.

(Oh and by the way, do any of you use lubrication? I was thinking that maybe this would help me get it closer to the bone; though I have not tried this yet. I figure that maybe I can lock to swell without having to click so many times using this method, is there any validity to this idea?)

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

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Starter, - I am experiencing what is happening to you. My gf started teasing me (half way there - already black but not jet as hung as the guys of the said tribe. I told her pussy is blind .. I fucked her once with the clamp on - she didn’t make any more comments about the color after she felt where the way is leading - size-wise.. Personally I don’t care about the color except for the locker room and the shower room at the gym.

Later - ttt

Thanks for the replies guys. I know that pussy is indeed blind, but I just don’t want this odd color. I’m thinking of stopping clamping and doing some old school jelqing to maintain what I have gained until the color fades. Then maybe go for some light clamping again like I did in the beginning.

I thinking about posting some pics in the members pics section and show the two different clamping styles I use and gets some input about that.

(Ticktickticker, your girlfriends remark is most humorous!)

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

Starter, discoloration is something you can treat with creams and other techniques such as wrapping. Do a search on wrapping and also check out the Men’s sexual health forum for the creams you can use to treat discoloration. Discoloration is produced by a process called postinflamatory hyper pigmentation. The pigmentation is produced by melanine which gets stored in the cells. There are nevertheless, creams that you can use to avoid the melanine from settling in the cells. The one I use is called Iklen:…ducts_2005.html

Note that is takes approx. 8 weeks to start to see any improvements.

Anyways, good luck.

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Carp, thanks for bestowing an element of hope, but that cream is mucho expensive; are there any cheap alternatives? I’ll do some searching.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

Drilla, I forgot to mention that when I first started clamping using the lighter pressure and non bone pressing; my unit would get big and full but it was more spongy that hard erect. It seemed to be fatter than a normal erection.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

Hey Carp,

How bad was your discolouration and how well did that stuff work? Mine is decently bad I guess, not super bad, but there’s a lot of it. How much comes in the $66 container? It doesn’t say.


It’s really funny you started this thread and asked about this because I was about to start a thread related to this.

I was going to ask the experienced clampers if one has to measure larger after a clamping session and during because I do not really get THAT much larger, maybe .25 “.

I am beginning to think discoloration is the only way to gains from clamping because like you said, your penis gets much bigger and harder, the harder you clamp down on it.

Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like I am clamping for nothing when I do not see expansion.

Sorry for sort of hijacking your thread but I feel like I really relate to you on this and would love to find out if there are other ways to get at least .5” of expansion during clamping sessions WITHOUT discoloration.

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Spaghettidick, no worries bro; your curiosities are the same as mine. I just don’t’ feel like I can gain if I avoid forces that are conducive of discoloration. I could be dead wrong and to be honest, I really hope I am.

I know that when I clamp without the hard swell, I can still get a fatter that normal unit, but there seems to be no residual size gains after the clamp has been removed. I’m going to do a couple things in regards to my situation. First off, I’m going to try the heating massage to attempt to remove discoloration, if this works, I will then experiment with longer but lighter clamping sessions. If the discoloration remains, then I will focus simply on length until I figure something out.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

Starter, I have been clamping almost a year now. I have learned a lot over this time through experience and reading various posts (like Girtha’s). Some discoloration is a sure thing with heavy clamping, but the use of heat and vitamin K cream will help keep it down some. It will fade with time once you stop clamping—I’ve seen that with my decon breaks. I have gained well over an inch in girth with PE and about half of that gain came after I started clamping. I do very intensive clamping routines, and yes, I push the clamp all the way to the pubic bone. I also add another clamp to help keep the first one against the bone. This has given me my recent permanent gains. I believe when you clamp lightly, you primarily get fluid build up. This may look good and “work” for you in the short term, but fades in a day so as you have learned.

Spaghetti, I often measure when I do my clamping routine in an effort to gauge how my progress is going. I typically clamp for 15 to 20 minutes per session and use three to four sessions in a two hour period of PE. I will gain up to a quarter of an inch in each session. Thus, I can gain almost an inch in four sessions. Obviously, most of those gains are temporary (fluid and some tissue stretching), but I keep a big flaccid for several days afterwards. I continue to make permanent girth gains with clamping, but my periodic measurements show I am nearing a plateau and will need to take another decon break for a while in order to get new gains.

I hope this helps. I know my clamping routine is on the “edge”, but it is working for me and I feel comfortable with it.

Thanks so much deerhunter. You have answered exactly what I wanted to know.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)


Does the clamping also provide a length gain in your case? That is a huge girth gain, and you
Make it sound like most of yours is internal CC’s and Tunica stretching from the pressures.

Most of it may be fluid, Deerhunter; but I did make some permanent gains in the beginning using this method.
I experimented with heating my unit and massaging localized areas of discoloration; it did help some. I think if one did a good deconditioning break and heated for 20 minutes a day and massaged areas amongst this time, it would probably make your unit go back to normal in about a week; just guessing.

Drilla, going by your pictures you know your clamping; but one thing baffles me! Though your unit is rock hard and looks like it has enormous pressure behind it, your skin tone is light! Mine goes incredibly dark after about a minute; what’s up? I’m not tightening mine like Aristocane said he did, I’m using as light a pressure as I can; given what I have to do to make a rock hard erection.

Another side effect I get is my skin hurting all the way up my shaft the next day even, now if I don’t press down on the clamp and get that rock hard erection, my unit feels good, and I only have temporary discoloration. Do you Drilla or anyone else think Deerhunter’s fluid assessment is accurate? I think there is merit to this idea.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

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