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Experience needed -- I think I could have an injury

Experience needed -- I think I could have an injury

All of my problems started when I did some OTS hanging and when I finished a 20 minute set the tip of my glans was a dark red color.

From that point on I couldnt do any hanging OR manual stretching without my glans getting dark red within a minute or two.

When I use a urinal now if I am holding my glans it starts to get red on the same area that was darkest from that OTS hanging I did. It seems to me like I dont get the same blood flow to my glans anymore.

So I quit the hanging and decided to do a strict jelqing routine, and I noticed the other day while I am jelqing my glans is cool to the touch. After doing a session today I am feeling some slight numbness in my glans about an hour later.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them before?

Helpful hint: Stop everything until your glans heals. I have no idea what happened.

But, if your glans was not numb before you resumed PE and you only noticed it was numbish an hour later, you should heal rapidly. Take a break.



Ok, thanks avocet8.

I remember a post where one of the members thought that penis injury (where erections get worse and blood flow lessons) was due to tiny blood clots in the penis. That makes sense in your situation, I think the suggestion was to continue to jelq and take aspirin everyday. However, his advice went much deeper then that. Hopefully you can find the post or he will reply.

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Originally Posted by rage

Has anyone ever had this happen to them before?

OTS is one of the most dangerous ways to hang, rage. Try limiting your OTS time, or work some other angles.


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