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Exercising to remove an injury

Exercising to remove an injury

Yep, that’s it, exercising may HELP instead of making some injuries even worse.

Fact 1:

First of all I would like to say that I got dark red spots from stretching two times and both of them I guess it was due to not appropriate heating. It’s just a guess since I heat always the same, anyway.

Anyway, the fact is - it disappeared right away after my jelqing.

Fact 2:

I also got red bruises from jelqing 3 times. Nothing absurd, just normal red/slightly blueish bruises.
The first time I took 2 days off until the bruises have completely disappeared. The second time and, today, the third, I’m positive that jelqing actually helped me removing the bruises.

I had the bruise while I was heating before my stretching, heating before my jelqing and, after my jelqing, it was gone! :D

Well, that’s it, I just would like to add this to the forum
Hope this helps and relieves some worried guys when they get PIs :)

But these are very minimal and not dangerous bruises.. People get thrombosed veins, strong aches and all sorts of bad bad injuries and training will certainly not help, rest is always and I mean always better.


I enforce qwerty29’s statement.

Originally Posted by qwerty29
Training will certainly not help, rest is always and I mean always better.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Originally Posted by padawan

I enforce qwerty29’s statement.

But that was the whole point of the thread… I’m here just to testify the opposite. ó.ò

The idea of exercising an injured body part, to help facilitate it’s repair, is a common idea. Whether it also applies to the penis is another question.

Anyone who has ever defended PE, may have at some point had to use the phrase “I KNOW it’s not that same as normal muscle tissue, But for different reasons, including pressure and cell division and so forth I believe (or have experienced) that it can work.”

I think that someone who allows them self to believe that the penis and penis exercises in the end, work the same as other muscles, is doing themselves a disservice and is potentially opening themselves to great risk.

With the exception of the Kegel, very few of the PEing methods fit the term “exercise” in it’s commonly used sense. For the most part “conditioning” would be a better term.

The point here, is that your penis is very different from any other part of you. For the following reasons.

1. While it does have in it smooth muscle tissue, on the whole, what it ultimately is, is a bundle of blood vessels and nerves, that has an incredible task placed on it. The task of becoming solid and rigid from fluid engorgement.

2. (Most important) Internal scar tissue destroys penis function. Outright. For example Peyronie’s disease, and most forms of Veneous leakage (the type of erectile dysfunction that viagra and the like often can’t touch.) are caused by internal scar tissue.

With most serious muscle injuries, when they resolve, and their is scar tissue, it merely results in a loss of flexibility, and sometimes some pain.

Scar tissue in the penis:
A. Because scar tissue is not “special” erectile tissue, it doesn’t not expand/stretch/grow/engorge, the way that normal tissue does, quite the opposite, scar tissue tends to constrict.

B. In a healthy erection, the pressure of the the corporal bodies, seals the viens shut, so that very little blood escapes the penis, allowing it to inflate properly. Scar tissue, can actually “shield” viens from this pressure, so that they don’t get pinched off, resulting in a specific sort of veneous leak.

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