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Ex-Smokers: Real-life Effects on PE


Ex-Smokers: Real-life Effects on PE

First, I used the search function and spent 30 minutes reading “smoking” threads… but what I want to know is:

For PEers that USED to smoke, how has becoming a non-smoker affected your penis and your PE regimen?

I have read quite a bit about the theory of this — we all know smoking is bad for your health! — but I could really appreciate real life anecdotes from the people of this forum.

I am on day two of quitting smoking, and am looking for some motivation of the penile kind…


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I never smoked, but it is a known fact that people that are trying to stop smoking have problems with their hands, they don’t know what to do with them. So now, when you get the urge to have a smoke, go pull your dick instead!

regards, mgus

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Good for you commander! I stopped for awhile just before I started PE and a week or so after I stopped, the difference in my erections was really remarkable. Started back though:(

Here’s hoping that you stop for good.

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Smokings effects on ones cardiovascular system is well documented.
So it only stands to reason that it would effect the organ so vastly dependent
on proper cariovascular health - no not your heart, the other organ, hell all organs.

I wonder if thats where the old thing about smoking leads to impotence originally came from?
Funny I also remember hearing a chick state one time that she won’t fuck a smoker because she doesn’t like to hear them gasping to keep up - makes you think.

Personally, I’m ready to give up a nut to permanently quit smoking.

I used to PE while smoking for about 3 or so months. I didn’t gain a thing. Now it’s been 5 years since I stopped smoking, and in 6 months, I’ve gained 3/4” BP in length.

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Stay the course, Commander. After Day Three you should be nicotine-free and less tense.

My experience is like T’s. Smoking did not interfere with PE in any way, BUT I agree that not smoking is better than smoking.

I quit for ten years once. My main worry leading up to the hypnosis (worked like a charm on me) was, as mgus said, what would I do with my hands? That turned out to be no problem at all. Nor did I over eat after quitting, having asked the hypnotist to “program” me not to do that. My weight did not change.

Good luck on your project. My best advice is this: NEVER even take a drag off somebody’s cigarette; and when you start “bumming” cigarettes from friends, you are fucked.



Originally Posted by avocet8

Good luck on your project. My best advice is this: NEVER even take a drag off somebody’s cigarette; and when you start “bumming” cigarettes from friends, you are fucked.

Bingo. That’s how it happened to me. I was about 3 years without a ciggy then I started the “just gimme a drag off that, wouldya?” routine and within a week I had a pack in my hand again.

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I smoked heavily for 7 years. A pack a day for the most part. Started at 14 and quit when I was 21. Maybe it was because of my age, but I’ve never had problems getting rock hard erections. I’ll admit that I do have a drinking problem - the only reason I bring this up is because of the effects it can have on your penis - and I’m still not having any problems getting really hard. I don’t know, I think maybe it’s my age.

Good luck quitting. Fuck willpower, common sense is your best weapon. One cigarette, back to square one. That’s how I quit, whenever I got really desperate, I said to myself, “no, if you have a cigarette, you’re going to waste everything you’ve worked for!”

And by the way, you’re going to be a giant prick (no pun) for about a month :)

I quit smoking back in Novemeber and the biggest thing that I could tell was that my flaccid had more of a dangle to it. I think Rootcap said it right that smoking effects your cardiovascular system which inturn would cut down on the amount of oxygen your dick would get. I will tell you one thing about quiting that I never realized before. This time around, I really wanted to quit. All of the other times it was for someone else. Hell I quit for three years before and started back. This time there is no going back. Good luck to you commander.

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Commander, how about a report?

A report? Ok!

First, thank you to everyone for your anecdotes and well wishes! Especially Thunder and Longman who gave some real life results about the positive effects of quitting… I need to hear that right now! Why? Because I want to have a healthy heart and lungs, but let’s face it, the most important thing is my cock!

Well, today is day 5 of zero smokes. Not even a puff. I have taken it to heart not to even have a single drag (like Eroset relating the “just gimme a drag off that, wouldya?” routine leading to starting up agian) and am going strong.


I am a little tipsy right now, and about to meet some friends at the bar… THAT will be the real challenge. But I am resolving before I go to LEAVE THE BAR IF I AM FEELING THE URGE TO SMOKE.

Thanks again for the support everyone!


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Drinks, Thunder.

The Irish cheapskate in me forces me to get a good (cheap!) buzz going BEFORE I hit the bar…

I hope I can “stay the course”… I will report back tomorrow…

Smokeless Blop

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Yeah, goodluck with the bar thing, commander. That was always one of the hardest places to fight off the urge to smoke. Besides, what goes better with a cig than a beer, besides the obvious (coochie). The last cigarette I had was in a bar. As a matter of fact, a buddy and I went through 4 packs in two hours. Maybe that was the straw that brock the camels back. Anyway, we are all rooting for you.

One more thing, My brother quit smoking years ago by having toothpicks soaked in cinnamon oil always at hand. If he got the urge, he would just pop one in his mouth until it went away. Something to take your mind off of it would be good. I think the hardest part is psycological anyway. You can do it man!!!!

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

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