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Ex-Smokers: Real-life Effects on PE


I have alot of strikes against me,but smoking is a major one I guess.I smoke two packs a day.I also consume mass amounts of coffee.I’ve tried drinking decaf but I get terrible headaches from it.I am also on a product called anta-buse,medical term disulfirim,which is a drug they put you on in my state if you get two dui’s.One of the side effects of anta-buse is erectile dysfunction.Isn’t that lovely!So if I quit smoking and drinking coffee,and get off the anta-buse I would probably have diamond cutter erections.That is if I didn’t die of boredom.

Originally Posted by Shiver
No, they’re just plastic attachments that go on the tip of the cigarette like this: I have a different brand, but it’s the same idea. Do you have a link for the long filters? I’d be very interested in those.

I was referring to your fake ciggy, not the filter. These are the ones I was talking about:
Smoker’s Option

They feel like a real ciggarette, and draw almost like one too, which seemed to help some of the physical urges. I’ve seen these on Ebay as well.

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Apologies for the quality of the photo, but it gives you an idea. The top cigarette is a plastic one with no tobacco but some kind of lint with a yucky flavour. The middle one is a fake cig that I was trying to describe from the joke shop, and the bottom one a real cig just for reference. They were about 75pence each. The realistic fake one is a bit hard to draw on, so I poked a small hole through the filter to make it easier. After a while you begin to convince yourself and it’s quite therapeutic, but they’re a bit fragile, and the ash on the end always gets knocked and broken.

If the people at the website you linked will ship internationally then I’m going to try a sleeve of those. I think it’s about time I made an effort to knock it on the head.

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chainz, it is all a matter of how you want to physically feel and how long you want to live. When you smoke that much, you no longer know what it is like to truly feel good.

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I had to dig this up for inspiration to people wanting to quit.

Yes, quitting smoking did ultimately give me better erections! But it took awhile.

Specifically, my feeling is that you have to smoke ZERO and be completely free of nicotene — not gum, pathces or anything — and two months or so after being completely nicotene free, if you are like me, you will notice a difference.

I have been meaning to add this for awhile, because honestly, when I first quit I was thinking “Will my erections ever get better like some had claimed?” The answer for me: Yes! But it takes time.

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Thanks for bring this thread back in time…I am in the process of reducing it, it’s very very painful proses, but I already get good result so far.

Anyway, it’s better to quit slowly or just quit in one shot?

I just read something that said that smoking can cause you to lose 1 cm of erect length. I don’t remember where I read it and I can’t say anything to its validity, but I do remember reading it.

Also I have heard a lot of great things from people about tea tree chewing sticks. They are like toothpicks but you chew on them and get some flavor out of em. I know multiple people who quit using them. I’ve really only ever been a drunk smoker but I think I’m going to get some even to justcombat that since I think its mostly an oral fixation when I get that drunk.

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so after all these years, are you still a none smoker?

oh and are your erections rock hard now?

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Sometimes when i reply to a post I just go so fast that I forget.

Originally Posted by 9inchtail
so after all these years, are you still a none smoker?

Yessir! 100% non-smoker still!

Sadly, I haven’t hit that “Eureka!” part where the thought of it completely revolts me, but!, when I finally quit, I did so completely and have not had a puff (much less a cigarette) since!

And yeah, I will again confirm my erections are better.

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...


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